Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Romania - Sweden 1-0

"Ion Oblemenco" stadium - Craiova - March 27th 2018

Romania met Sweden in a friendly game. Probably it was the most animated friendly game ever. That happened because of the fans of FC U 1948 - the historical team called in the past "Universitatea" Craiova. After this football team was abusively rejected from Romanian football the fans remained without a football team. More than this, the socialist political party (PSD) invented by night a football team with the same colors and symbols pretending that was the real Universitatea Craiova. This fake team is called CSU. UEFA doesn't agree with such a situation but, in Romania, the CSU easily stolen our stadium and our history. They started to play in the Romanian Second League just like this, even though Romanian football has 5 leagues and a new team should start from the lowest one.

In such circumstances the fans of FC U 1948 were sent out from their home - "Ion Oblemeco" stadium - and forced to start again from the last league of Romanian football. Today FC U 1948 is in the 4th Romanian Football League and is still banned to play its games on our former stadium. We are forced to play somewhere out of the city of Craiova, but in such conditions our team won all the games until now and has the biggest chances to promote in the 3rd League in this summer.

When the Romanian Football Federation (FRF) decided to play this friendly game against Sweden in Craiova all the fans of FC U 1948 bought tickets at this game. This was the only chance for them to show in Europe what a terrible injustice suffered their team. Romania did a great football game and won by 1-0 but this wasn't so important. The entire world was able to see there is angry people in Romania because of stealing of their property and replacing it with a clone. This happened by an abusive political involvement in football. PSD is not a socialist party, is a new communist dictatorial party using in Romania the methods they used in the '50s. This is our fight and it will never end!  

Monday, March 26, 2018

FC Universitatea 1948

As you might know, Universitatea Craiova was ejected from Romanian football by the ex-president of FRF (Romanian Football Federation) - Mircea Sandu. He was unsatisfied by disobedience of our club regarding his corruption policy and decided by himself to erase our team from Romanian football. More than that,  after 2 years, he contacted the most important Romanian political party and they founded a new team with the same colors and symbols pretending they are the real Universitatea Craiova. 

Because of this our team was forced to change its name in FC U 1948 Craiova, a name that explicitly shows we have the continuity of the old Universitatea Craiova. After all these years of fighting in justice and football fields in the same time FC U 1948 was denied to play on our stadium. Since 2011 we are forced to find new stadiums or football fields in order to remain a football team. Today March 26th 2018 it was the first time our players got access on Ion Oblemenco stadium, our home. It was very hard to get inside, but our players still managed to do it. Our fight still continues and it will never end!

Nicolae Tilihoi Is Dead

God bless him! Nicolae Tilihoi was one of the most representative football players of Universitatea Craiova. He was the most important defender of our team beside Costica Stefanescu being the central defender of Craiova Maxima - the best team we ever had. He was a big champion and a great character. He had a big heart and was one of the most loved football players in Craiova.
After a long fight against cancer he dead on 25th of March 2018. His casket was placed today in a hall of "Ion Oblemeco" stadium where it was visited by his friends, the 2 football teams from Craiova and Romanian National Football team. Rest In Peace, Nicolae Tilihoi! 

Thursday, March 22, 2018

We Are BACK!

Hello everybody! After a long time of lack of activity our blog comes back. What happened in meantime it may sound crazy but this just did.

1. Mircea Sandu is no more the president of Romanian Football Federation. Which is good because he was the main reason Romanian football arrived in the worst situation of its entire history. It was a long and fight to remove him from that chair. He wanted to remain there forever, probably. The president of FRF (Romanian Football Federation) is now Razvan Burleanu. On 14th of April 2018 there will be new elections again for the chairman of FRF. 

2. Dumitru Dragomir is no longer the president of LPF (Romanian Football League). He used to be number 2 in Romanian football and "the cardinal Richelieu" of it, actually. His nickname is still "Corleone". If you know a bit about movies, you already understand what am I talking about. Both of them, Dragomir and Sandu are still free. They had a lot of justice problems but they pulled some strings somehow and they did not got in prison... yet.

3. Lia Olguta Vasilescu who used to be the city mayor of Craiova is now a member of Romanian Government. She is the Minister of Labor and the whole country is making fun of her because of really bad knowledge of foreign languages and stupid decisions she makes. The most recent: she decided to double all the salaries in Romania. She started a law package in this why and as a result some salaries became 25% smaller than before. The biggest increase she made was 4% in some insulated cases.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Dumitru Dragomir

What happens in Romanian football is still surprising for everybody. Today we are speaking about Dumitru Dragomir. He was born in Oltenia - the region which has Universitatea Craiova in mind and soul. This part of Romania only hopes it will come a day when FC Universitatea Craiova will rise again and fight against the big football clubs in Europe.
Back in the 1946 in Balcesti, Valcea was born this guy called Mitica Dragomir. He came from a poor family of peasants and started early his life trying to emigrate in a big city in the age of 15. It seems he tried to work in a communist factory but when he saw how hard is to work he suddenly fell in love with football. He says he tried to be a football player but nobody have seen him playing in his life. After this he went in a referee school and he also studied to be a trainer. He became a football club president because the communists wanted sons of peasants to rule everything in Romania. He used to be the president of FC Olt Scornicesti (the foobtall team based in Ceausescu's born place), FCM Brasov and Victoria Bucharest (the team of Securitatea - Ceausescu's secret service). After 1990 he went in prison for a short time because he broke the law many times when he was one of the protegees of communist regime in Romania. He managed to get out of prison, started a newspaper and because he knew too much about the others he was named the president of Romanian Football League in the way he will be forced to close his publication and do no more blackmails. 

20 years he was actually nr.2 in Romanian Football (after Mircea Sandu - the president of Romanian Football Federation) and nobody asked how can this be possible. How can someone without any school, without any basic knowledge to be the manager of First Romanian Football League. He actually had no rules there. He made his own decisions concerning every team as he wanted or as his interest was.
In the end all the football fans revolted and changed him from this important position. After this change a big chain of illegalities was discovered and his is part of many trials as a main suspect. The exclusion of Universitatea Craiova from all football competitions of Romania was his fault, too. And he will be convict on May 25th because of this. Despite all of his Mafia style activities he continues to be the president of a Romanian football club called FC Voluntari. A club without fans and without any kind of tradition. How can be possible such a situation?

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Lia Olguta Vasilescu In Prison

The long chain of corruption cases never ends in Romania. Today, after 5 hours of audition, the city mayor of Craiova was imprisoned. The prosecutors decided to put Vasilescu in detention after a long list of corruption and illegal election campaign funding proves. She is the second city mayor of Craiova who ends in prison. Aurica Solomon, the ex mayor of this city, interrupted his mandate in the same way. More Romanian Parliament members belonging of this zone were imprisoned in the last 4 years as well. Gigi Netoiu, former owner of Universitatea Craiova is between them.
This events are placing Craiova in the darkest corner of corruption map of Romania. Actually the situation in this city was never been so bad. Today people living in Craiova are not safe. Starting with the rullers of the city and ending with the smallest insignificant member of bureaucratic system, everybody steals, everybody deals with black money and everybody wants to became rich over night. Let's see where this snowball will stop.    

Thursday, February 18, 2016

FC U Craiova Wins In Court

When FRF (Romanian Football Federation) and LPF (Romanian Football League) decided to abusive erase FC U Craiova from Romanian football they motivated their decision with 2 arguments:
- an economical division made prior this juridical decision - when the economical company which administrated the football club was divided in 2 new companies
- a trial between FC U Craiova and FRF opened by our football team.

Right after this decision FC U Craiova demonstrated in court they didn't sue FRF. It was just a trial based on economical issues between FC U Craiova and Victor Piturca (former coach of our club). This decision is final and nobody can deny it.
Yesterday FC Universitatea got a final decision in court: the division was legal and nobody can argue with it. This means they used two wrong motivations used by the ones who decided FC U Craiova will no longer be a part of Romanian football.

Now let's see the consequences.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Super Bowl 50

Tonight is the big night. Super Bowl 50 is facing Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers. The halftime show will be held by Coldplay, Beyonce and Bruno Mars.
$5 million is the price of 30 seconds of advertising during this game. 

Peyton Manning (39 years old) will be the oldest quarterback who played a Super Bowl. He will try to win his second ring this year. This will be a very hard task to solve because Carolina Panthers, having Cam Newton in the field, never won a Super Bowl before. And this team lost only one game during this season, against Atlanta Falcons. Let the best win this game !

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Marcel Iures

Probably the most known Romanian movie actor is Marcel Iures. He was born in August 2nd 1951 in Bailesti, Dolj. He was part in Hollywood movies as "Interview With The Vampire"(1994), "Mission: Impossible"(1996), "The Pacemaker"(1997) or in the most interesting movie about football - "Goal!"(2005).

Being one of the VIP fans of Universitatea Craiova he was asked in 2014 by a TV reporter what is his opinion about CSU - the new football team of Craiova. His answer was as clear as possible: "Please don't ask me about CSU! For me there is only Stiinta (n.r. the nickname of Universitatea Craiova)."

Thursday, January 28, 2016

What Is The Name Of... ?

People are different. It is very hard to find 2 men with the same life philosophy. This is way there are groups and clubs were people who feel the same join to reach a common goal. One of these clubs is Universitatea Craiova. The real one, not the fake one which tries to not be ashamed nowadays. Gica Craioveanu was a great football player. A very important person in early 90's for our club. He moved in Spain when sold by our team and had a nice career for Real Sociedad San Sebastian, Villareal and Getafe. On June 20th 2013 he came back in Craiova being determined to help Universitatea Craiova again. He declared: "There is no other Universitatea Craiova. It can not be another club with this name because we have the glory and the fans and we made history for this team."
After 7 days the mayor of Craiova, Lia Olguta Vasilescu, declares: "We will make another team because Adrian Mititelu has no more money. It will be a new team as a mix between the sport club, city hall of Craiova and a businessman who loves Universitatea Craiova".
She did what she said and Gica Craioveanu joined this new team. The only problem is he said this new team called CSU Craiova is actually the original football team, the one he used to play when he mad history for Universitatea Craiova. This new club had a 3 years history. Craioveanu was their image director being one of the biggest fans of them. 
After these 3 years the truth came to surface. The investor of  CSU Craiova was exposed and arrested for corruption. The evidences show that Mihai Rotaru was guilty for a €60 million fraud. After this event his football team went down in the table, they sold the most representative football players and now are trying to resist in Romanian first football league. 2 weeks ago, Gica Craioveanu declared again: "I don't trust anymore the new project of CSU Craiova. It is not what they promised and I don't think they represent Craiova anymore."
There is only one question now: "WHAT IS THE NAME OF SUCH A PERSON ?" How do you call someone how jumps from a boat to another depending of his interests ?

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Florin Prunea

Florin Prunea was one of the football players who made the biggest success of Romanian football - quarter of finals at World Cup USA 1994. He and Bogdan Stelea were the best Romanian goalkeepers at a time. 
He was born August 8th 1968 in Bucharest and used to play for Dinamo Bucharest, "U" Cluj-Napoca and Universitatea Craiova. In 1991 he won the title of Champion of Romania and the Romanian Cup for Universitatea Craiova. 

Now, after a short career in Romanian Football Federation, he is the president of CSU Iasi. Nicolo Napoli - Stiinta's former trainer - works in the same club.
Two days ago, Florin Prunea made this statement in a press conference: "People who used to work in football know: most of FRF (Romanian Football Federation) actions in court will be lost. If Adrian Mititelu will win the lawsuit against federation, FRF will be demolished. The president of the Romanian Football Federation comes from a gray world. They are not coming from sport's world. They really hate the players from Romanian national football team. They are coming from corporate system, they are former undercover officers who, I think, don't belong in world of sports."

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Craiova City Hall Has To Payback

The City Hall of Craiova made a chain of outlaw activities and now is ready to pay. All of them are football related. As a matter of fact a city hall can not support a football club. Or it should not do that. The mayor of Craiova did more than this. Lia Olguta Vasilescu destroyed the old football club and replaced it with a new one having the same colors, almost the same symbols and a similar name. 
This is the cost for such an action:
- €1,000,000 to start the new team and providing good conditions for training and playing their games
- €1,500,000 unpaid taxes by the new team, unpaid utilities and other expenses most of them because of using the stadium of Craiova
- €2,000,000 for canceling the opened action in court against FRF. This was the requested amount as material damages because of Romanian Football Federation abuse against FC Universitatea Craiova. City Hall of Craiova asked initially this money and canceled the process once the new football team was created.
- other expenses representing black money spent and washed through the new football club CSU Craiova.
- other expenses representing moral and material damages for destroying of  FC U Craiova. 

Being in such a situation the City Hall of Craiova has compromised their budget for next year. Waiting to see what will happen now...

Sunday, January 03, 2016

FRF Goes In Court

Romanian Football Federation ( FRF ) is about to sue TVR asking for a debt of €170,000. They are pretending this money because Romanian public television broadcasted the games of Romanian national football team between 2010 and 2011 this being the value of the signed contract. 
The action was launched in court on December 30th 2015 and the first trial was established for February 19th 2016. The main problem is TVR has a total unpaid debt of €150,000,000. This makes the public television not to be able to pay any cent to its debitors. 
You may wonder which is the connection with Universitatea Craiova? Well, our club already sued FRF for a total material damage of €258,000,000. And FRF is able to pay such an amount. It seems they are just trying not to pay their debts and receive everything from the others. Isn't this a double morale Mr. Burleanu ?

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

CSU Means Nothing

CSU Craiova stands for Sports Club Universitatea Craiova. This was the initial name of the mother club which included athletics, football, handball, voleyball and bridge during communist regime in Romania. FCU left this big club and became Football Club Universitatea Craiova in 1990 and continued like this until 2011 when it was abusively destroyed by Romanian Football Federation. I explained in the previous posts how this could be possible. If you take a look at recently uncovered Platini-Blatter case and taking into account Mircea Sandu (former FRF president) was one of the biggest supporters of this corrupted couple it is easy to understand what a big Mafia our club had to deal with.
CSU just came in 2013 in Romanian football trying to replace the old FCU in fan's mind and in the official statistics. There were serious money quantities pumped in this project at the beginning but the managers made one mistake after another. The most important was they didn't knew the public in Craiova and the local habits. They tried to replace the old team with people without any connection with this city. They never had a real audience and, on a stadium which gathered 50,000 viewers in the past, CSU had at most 4000 people in tribunes.  In many games they played with only a couple of hundreds watching them. 

Today everything is a mess there. The main investor is in prison being accused of corruption. There are no more money involved in this project. The team lost the contact with the play-off places in the table and now is trying to resist but the last results are very bad. The managers tried to attract in their stuff old glories of Craiova's football, they had Cartu and Sandoi as trainers but this move wasn't a long term success. The City Hall of Craiova took part in this new club (having an old name) but they only made aggressive declarations and nothing really important for the football in Craiova. 
There is only one conclusion after all these facts: the City Hall doesn't matter, the old name CSU means nothing, the old glories of the club doesn't mean anything, money doesn't count in this equation. The only important are the fans of Universitatea Craiova and they can not be bullshited by politicians or people in key positions in Romanian Football Federation.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Platini And Blatter Preparing For Jail

Michel Platini was a great football player. He used to play for Juventus Torino during an era when his main opponent was Diego Armando Maradona. Meanwhile Maradona started training footbal teams like Argentina national football team or Al Wasl FC in UAE. Michel Platini has chosen to be UEFA's president. 

Diego is now still a god in Naples and in his own country. Michel Platini was already suspended for 8 years being suspected of corruption. Sepp Blatter payed 2 millions Swiss Francs to him and no one can explain were are this money coming from and what was the purpose of such a bonus/salary. 

Being suspected of trying to wash black money, these 2 people are risking to go in prison. Both of them have to pay substantial fines: £ 53,000 Michel Platini and £ 33,000 Sepp Blater. Since Blatter will no longer be president of FIFA, Platini intended to take this role. After this scandal his future is ruined. There is no doubt who was greater: Maradona or Platini.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Julius Gibrilla Wobay

One of the most important football players in recent history of Universitatea Craiova was Julius Wobay. Originated in Sierra Leone, he signed for our team when he was 22 years old and came from NEA Salamina - Cyprus. He was an offensive left midfielder reminding of Zoltan Crisan for Stiinta fans.

Last time he played for Neftchi Baku. But now, in age of 31, Ubi(his Romanian nickname) is a free agent. The most important point of his career was when he used to play for Universitatea Craiova and his transfermarkt market value was about € 1,1 million. In the video below you can see why all Stiinta's supporters loved Julius Wobay. 

Posted by Vlad Bojinescu on Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Special One

Chelsea London

No other comment. The most important football club in England from 2000 til now. Jose Mourinho - the special one. The most successful football trainer in the World. A man with a huge background and a great history. Do you play "Top Eleven" ? Then you know who is Jose Mourinho.

Me and my friends visited Stanford Bridge. It was a football game in UEFA League. Chelsea's manager was Rafael Benitez at that time. This club ended that season wining this trophy but still... Chelsea's fans were crazy protesting for two men - Didier Drogba and Jose Mourinho. Next season "the special one" returned on Stanford Bridge. This is just a short story about how important this man can be. 

After 2 years of managing this incredible football team, it happened that Chelsea had the worst start of season in the history. Because of this Jose Mourinho was sacked today. He had a resignation clause of 40 million £ in his contract. Finally the parts agreed to a compensation of 10 million £ which represent the salary of Mourinho for the present season. 4 hours after signing of these documents, there were sent offers to Jose by Real Madrid and Manchester United. This means to be special.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Ada Nechita

Born: November 14th 1983 in Bailesti-Dolj
right wing in Romanian national handball team
teams: Stiinta Bailesti, CS Universitatea Craiova, Oltchim Ramnicu-Valcea and HCM Baia-Mare

trophies: Romanian Championship (2006), Romanian Cup (2006), Cup Winners Cup (2006)

Ada Nechita is the woman on top today. Romania qualified in the semifinals of Handball World Championship 2015 after winning against Denmark - the host team. The final score was 31-30 after extra time. During regular time the game ended as a draw 29-29.

Ada Nechita is probably one of the most beautiful players in the tournament. Her love life proves this more than anything. In 2007 she married with Catalin Olteanu. In 2009 they separated and Ada had an affair with the football player Florin Costea - one of Costea brothers about you may read more here .

In 2013 Ada and Florin separated and she started a relationship with the mayor of Baia Mare - Catalin Chereches. He was actually the main sponsor of the handball team in which Ada Nechita was just transfered. Their realtionship ended in 2014.

Today Ada Nechita was part of Romanian handball team who won against Denmark. The most important goal of the match, the last one, was scored by herself. Let's wish good luck to the best team and let's hope Adriana will play better and better.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Mihai Costea - Betting Scandal Issue

Mihai-Alexandru Costea - striker
Born: May 29th 1988 
Tall: 1.85m
2006-2011 - He played for Universitatea Craiova - 83 games/ 14 goals
2011-2015 - Steaua  Bucharest - 35 games/ 9 goals 
2015 - FC Voluntari - 7 games/ 0 golas

U21 Romania team - 13 games / 11 goals
2 times champion of Romania (Steaua - 2013, 2014) 
Romanian Supercup - 2013
Promoted in Liga I (Universitatea Craiova - 2006)

After the scandal which involved coaches Flavius ​​Stoican (ex-FC Voluntari) and Nicolo Napoli (CSMS Iasi), caught betting on Internet via bet365 and whose case reached the mass of the Disciplinary Commission of FRF another case explodes in Liga I. The striker Mihai Costea from FC Voluntari, was photographed in a betting office while puts his ticket.

Being asked if he really did that, Mihai Costea replayed it was a 2 years ago old picture. The real problem is the betting office were he was surprised by paparazzi was not in function 2 years ago. More than this, this is a brand new agency founded 2 months ago. This means the football player is guilty as charged.

The football players and coaches in Romania are suspected to gamble, directly or through intermediaries in sports betting. This explains the increasingly strange results recorded in certain matches. It is known that football disciplinary regulations forbid them to do this. According to Art. 60 of the Disciplinary Regulations, Mihai Costea risks a suspension of two years and a fine of 66.500€.

This is not the first time Mihai Costea gets in trouble. He had to be rejected by Steaua Bucharest because of his relation with a model/playmate called Daniela Crudu .

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Romanian Football Federation Is Serious In Trouble

The Romanian Court of Appeals ruled today canceling of FRF's new statute which was voted in the summer of 2014 and the case was sent back for retrial in The Court Of Bucharest. 

This means the statute of 2014 can not be used anymore and all the decisions based on this statute will be canceled. Two major differences between the statute of 2011 and the statute of 2014 are: 
- In Romanian Football Federation (FRF) it is not allowed to be hired a person who got in prison or is involved in a criminal trial. This means some people should be fired there.
- No team can be promoted without an experience of minimum 3 years of existence. This rule is very normal because there are 4 football leagues in Romania. And according with this rule no team can promote but only one league per year. This means if will appear a football team someday, this team should start from the last football league and can play in the first football league - Liga I - no soon than 3 years after its establishing. 

According with this last change canceling, CSU - the new team in Craiova - is in impossibility to play football games in Romanian first league. They only spent 1 year in the second league and played in Liga I very next year. They started in the second football league instead of the last one, as normal. Let's see who will gonna pay for all these corruption facts.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Universitatea Craiova Died And Nobody Cares

February 25th 2014 was the last day "Universitatea" Craiova existed. Actually this is the last video regarding our football team. A boring winter day. A pale shadow of the squad which literally impressed Europe 30 years ago. 

Being relegated in the second league of Romanian football, "Universitatea" Craiova couldn't finish the championship. The main reason was a serious lack of founds. Actually in short time the management was forced to declare bankruptcy. This video show the players demanding their financial rights and complaining about training conditions. Craiova is a city for 250.000 inhabitants. People there is very bad organised and divided because their political views or financial interests. This matter of facts lead to no way out situation . The municipality observed all these defects and founded its own football team having the same name and symbols as the old one. FRF (Romanian Football Federation) suddenly adopted the new club and in this way something incredible happened: the old U Craiova played against the new U Craiova in an official competition... twice. Both games ended in the same way 0-0.

Today it exists the club of municipality only. It promoted in the first Romanian football league and they pretending they are the same club as the old one. Even the official documents show the evidence of 2 total different football teams, nobody recognizes this true fact. After a difficult start in the first season in first Romanian football league, CSU Craiova (the name of the new team) managed to play 14 consecutive games without losing. Many people wondered how was that possible. Anyhow, now they are playing their second season in Liga I and the situation in the table shows this is a mediocre squad. They are in the middle of the table trying hard to qualify for playoff. Two weeks ago, the owner of this club got in prison because of corruption being suspected of a fraud of 60 millions €. It is useless to mention CSU is not making any good result since then. 

On the other hand, FCU Craiova (the name of the old team) tried hard to solve the bankruptcy problem. This matter is in the lawyers hands now and the signs are very bad. Long processes, contradictory court solutions, many interests involved and a dead end for football players and the fans of this club. Practically 65 years of tradition must be buried and people is forced to accept the clone team as being their own. If you ever seen "Changing" directed by Angelina Jolie you can understand the situation of Universitatea Craiova's ultras.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Singing A Song

I just found this video in youtube. In my opinion is the best commercial ever. Please feel free to show your thoughts. Anyhow for Craiova's ultras, who are waiting from 3 years to share their feelings in a stadium it's been to much. Their are boiling and someday this pressure cooker will explode.

Monday, December 07, 2015

Olympique de Marseille - Joyeux Noel

Olympique Marseille is our favorite team in France. Most of the Universitatea Craiova's fans are supporting L'OM because these two teams are very similar. It is because of the colors, because both teams are placed in the South of their countries and because their endless fight against teams in the Capitals. The fans of Olypique Marseille are very warm and attached to their team. Universitatea Craiova's ultras are seeing them very often as a model.

Friday, December 04, 2015

RIP Jonah Lomu

He was a great man and a great character. He lived for rugby and when he couldn't play anymore he died.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Ektro - Stiinta suntem noi

Despite a long list of troubles the fans of Universitatea Craiova don't give up. This was their last move but they intend to rise again.

 I hope you will like it. Enjoy !

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Give A Hand For Universitatea Craiova !

Our team is in coma. There is no hope to save it. The only thing we can do is trying. Which is if you know someone who lives in Craiova, Romania please, send that person to our protest. We can do a lot or we can not do a thing but we have to try. This is, maybe, last time we hear about Universitatea Craiova, that beautiful team who was 30 years ago the princess of Europe. Now this team is broke, old and sick. You don't need to give your blood. Just get out of your house next Saturday 15:00 o'clock and be present in front of "Ion Oblemenco" Stadium. Let's hope there will be enough people to keep Stiinta alive. 

Friday, February 07, 2014

Petrodollars for Craiova

A businessman from Dubai wants to donate a significant amount of money to Independent Supporters Association of FC Universitatea Craiova. This association will finance our team until the end of the championship. The information was made ​​public by website

The white-blue team could receive "petrodollars" being just one step before bankruptcy. Our players are unpaid for seven months. Tomorrow, they will leave Craiova for Cisnădie. There is a possibility to play the rest of the games in this location until the new staium of Craiova will be built.

According, the official Stiinta's website, on February 22nd Universitatea Craiova will play a friendly match against Rapid Bucharest. Every fan has to be present for this game.

Monday, February 03, 2014

Season Preparations Started

Universitatea Craiova started the pre-season training. Our team will do 2 weeks of physical training. After this there is a schedule for several friendly games.
The fans did not lost their time as well. They had Supporter's Party Show in January and started a crowd funding campaign. This campaign is supposed to finish on March the 1st 2014. Let 's hope it will be a succesfull initiative.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Universitatea Craiova's Fans Party

Universitatea Craiova's fans organize today the first party in 2014. This event is supposed to be great having as guests our team footballers, the coach Nicoo Napoli and the new club's manager Marian Condescu. 

Between our guests it will be included "Ektro", one of the most beloved artists of the new wave of Romanian's hip-hop music. He will do a live performance singing his well-known tracks dedicated to Universitatea Craiova. There will be prizes awarded and the fans may take advantage of the opportunity to purchase promotional materials related to our football team. 

This party promises to be a success and will be broadcasted in the Romanian media and online as well. Do not miss your opportunity to demonstrate the attachment for Nicolo Napoli. All the details of this party can be found following this link:

Sunday, January 19, 2014

O Craiovano Wants To Visit Craiova

João Vítor Roberge, journalism student at the Santa Catarina Federal University (UFSC), in Florianópolis, Brazil since March 2012. He is a member of the UFSC Sports Radiojournalism Center, and there he participates on two radio shows: "Ponto de Encontro" and "Grande Jornada Esportiva" broadcasted by Rádio Ponto UFSC. He likes the most unknown things about football.

He used to watch OFC Champions League and he supported Slovenia at World Cup 2010. There are many European teams he follows like: Newcastle in England, Lyon in France, Villarreal in Spain, Marítimo in Portugal, Fiorentina in Italy, Twente in Netherlands or Eintracht Frankfurt in Germany.

"I think determination is a really valuable quality, and I believe they may conquer wins against hard opponents anywhere. I'm a Vasco da Gama and Portuguesa supporter. Juninho Pernambucano is my idol since I was 6. I play both FIFA and PES, and Universitatea Craiova is in my heart and in my table football teams" says João Vítor. 

Despite a distance of 11,100 Km between Brazil and Craiova João Vítor really appreciate our football team. He became a true fan of Universitatea Craiova and wants to visit Craiova someday. Let's hope he will get the chance to see a match of Universitatea Craiova played on "Ion Oblemenco" Stadium.

You may read the Portuguese language version of this articol here:

If you would like to support João Vítor's project and send some cash, feel free to use our paypal account. This will probaly be the longest travel for a football game ever. Maybe "Guiness World of Records" will take his voyage into account.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

We Have Marketing

Universitatea Craiova's fans started a fund rising last month. As a consequence of this campaign we gave $ 1000 to our football players on November 27th.

The money were well spend because these were the last results of our team:










Now all the fans decided to produce a limited edition of supporting scarf. The image bellow is the model and the text means "We are Stiinta". Stiinta is the nick name of Universitatea Craiova. It means "Science" and it was the name of this football team before 1964. You may order this kind of scarf using this link: I hope you will enjoy it. Forza Stiinta !

Friday, October 25, 2013

Funds raising for Universitatea Craiova

Fans of FC Universitatea Craiova decided to raise money for blue-white football players. Today, in the bank accounts supporters have opened, came first money.

This gesture was made ​​by supporters of FC Universitatea Craiova, who want to collect money as a bonus for our players. If they will not collect an amount to help reward the players in 2 months, the money will be returned to those who have sent.
"Boys need to be helped and this worth it, because they play for us. They represent Stiinta, and we are Stiinta "wrote a fan on Facebook. The financial situation of the two accounts in national currency (RON) and Euro will be presented to any person who donated ​​a sum of money.

These are the bank accounts:

If you want to support Universitatea Craiova you may use the donate button placed in the right of this page. Thank you.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Stepahane Acka !

Today is the 23rd aniversary of Stepahne Acka. He is one of the most important defenders in our team. 

Acka was born on 11th of October 1990 in Côte d'Ivoire. In the last 3 years he used to play in the 4th Italian football league for Legnano Salus and Beluno. He signed for Universitatea Craiova this summer and became one of our fans favorite players. 

Let's wish him "Happy Birthday!" and a victory in the next game which will be played tomorrow  starting with 3 p.m. local time against CSM Ramnicu-Valcea.

Monday, October 07, 2013

Back In Business

Universitatea Craiova came back in the football field. We are now playing in Romanian's second football league and we are doing this well.

It happened a lot, but the most important is this: our team is on the 3rd place in the table and we really hope to be in the first league starting with 2014. Nicolo Napoli is our team's coach again. There are many players who came back to help our team - Madalin Ciuca, Robert Saceanu, Michael Baird. But our biggest wish is to see Romanian Football Federation 's chief - Mircea Sandu - in prison. There were 2 years of pain and sacrifices for 2 million fans of this important Romanian football team. Someone must pay for this abuse!

These are the results of our team, until now:






Saturday, March 16, 2013

Universitatea Craiova's fans in London

It's been almost 2 years since Universitatea Craiova was abusively erased form Romanian football's history.  This legendary team has the most passionate fans in Romania.

They recently protested in London at the football game Chelsea FC - Steaua Bucharest asking their team to be let to play again.

The protests did not end here. Today a fan climbed a light pile of  "Ion Oblemenco" stadium asking the same thing. Romanian football is not the same without Universitatea Craiova.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Brotherhood Napoli Craiova

Universitatea Craiova and SSC Napoli are 2 legendary football teams. They supported each other and they have almost the same history. The fans of these 2 football teams have common feelings and the same colors to support.

Craiova is the warmest place in Romania. The fans of this Universitatea have the same passion like Napoli's. Both cities are old and carrying a great history. The brotherhood between these teams started in 1979 when Gianfranco Menegalli, the referee of the UEFA cup match  U Craiova - Leeds United 2-0 declared: "In Craiova is same as in Naples". This phrase described the passion of the fans and the atmosphere in the stadium.

In October 2010, at a game played in Romania, Steaua Bucharest - Napoli 3-3, there were a lor of fans of universitatea Craiova supporting the Italian team. This gesture was granted by thanks in Napoli's fans forum. After 3 days, the ultras of Universitatea Craiova sang and gave a big applause for Napoli's result against Steaua.

The Mafia in Romanian footbal canceled Universitatea Craiova in 2011. The team was just erased in any competition and from the Romanian football history. Universitatea Craiova - the first Romanian football team who played a semifinal of an European Cup was not mentioned in official Romanian Federation documents concerning the 2012 UEFA Cup final - Atheltic Bilbao - Atletico Madrid 0-3 - played in Bucharest.

Today Universitatea Craiova's fans are looking for justice trying to bring back their team in football. Napoli's supporters showed their support in a game played in Serie A, Napoli-Lazio, 26th of September 2012. This means friendship. Forza Napoli ! Justice for Craiova !

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Back In Business

Universitatea Craiova was canceled by Romanian Football Federation in 2011. There are almost 2 year since Craiova has no football at all. There are more than 200.000 people forced by this federation to stay without a football team.

Starting with 2013 Craiova's municipality decided to comeback in Romanian second football league. It is a big project of rebuilding the old "Ion Oblemenco" stadium. We will comeback with news soon.

Monday, March 26, 2012

24th March 2012 - Sad Day For Craiova's Fans

47 fans were arrested after a meeting in Bucharest. Universitatea Craiova's fans went in Bucharest to protest against abusive expulsion of their football team. It was a well planed protest, Romanian authorities were previously informed about it 30 days before it happened.

Universitatea Craiova's 250 supporters peacefully protested for 1 hour. Romanian military police ,Jandarmeria, decided to brutally repress this street movement only one hour after start. They chased and molested people on the streets, arrested as many as they could without any reason. Romanian military policemen just used their force to repress the protest.
Actually every person who had a white-blue scarf was pushed in the military vehicles to be carried in a police station. The protesters get financial penalties there, they were photographed and their finger prints were recorded. There are several testifiers who claimed people were kicked and beaten inside of these military vehicles during the road to the police station.

Romania can say "Farewell democracy!" in such conditions.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

FIFA Disposition Ignored By FRF

Although Mircea Sandu, Dumitru Dragomir and their staff knew about FIFA disposition they hid this fact both clubs and members of the Executive Committee.

FIFA specifically asked that the provisions of art. 9.2 and 18.2 of the FRF (Romanian Football Federation) Statute related about expulsion of a club to be removed because they are illegal and contrary to FIFA statutes. The General Association is the only organism which may exclude a member. This FIFA request was formulated in January 2011. After six months Universitatea Craiova was excluded by FRF's Executive Comitee.

The essay is signed by FIFA and FIFA's legal director Marco Villiger.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Court Of Appeal Decision

Court of Appeal decided: FRF (Romanian Football Federation) is a national sport structure that means this institution is an object of public interest.

Universitatea Craiova asked the Court of Appeal, in the administrative section, to void the decision from 20th of July of FRF's Executive Committee regarding the excluding of the club from any competition. Today Craiova get a historic victory in the sense the court rejected the exception sustained by FRF as their acts would be administrative and therefore the Romanian Football Federation would not be public.

As a consequence FRF must obey the law of the state and can not be treated as a inner state. This is a very big step toward obtaining full compensation for all the 39 football players our team lost last summer. The total amount was estimated at € 250 million.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Marian Bondrea

Marian Bondrea is one of the most important coaches of Universitatea Craiova. He won Cup of Romania for Universitatea Craiova in 1993.

Marian Bondrea was born in Craiova on 2nd of November 1950. He used to play for Electroputere Craiova, Universitatea Craiova and Soimii Sibiu. He started to train Inter Sibiu, in the Romanian second football league, during the season 1986–1987. In 1988 FC Inter Sibiu get promoted in Romanian first football league having Bondrea as coach. These are the teams were he worked:
1986-1988 - FC Inter Sibiu
1988–1989 - FC Olt Scorniceşti
1989–1992 - Electroputere Craiova
1993–1994 - Universitatea Craiova
1994–1995 - FC Argeş Pitesti
1995–1996 - FC Naţional Bucureşti
1996 - Dinamo Bucureşti
1997 - Altay Izmir
1997–1998 - Electroputere Craiova
1998–1999 - Foresta Suceava
1999 - Universitatea Craiova
2000–2001 - FC Argeş Pitesti
2001 - Universitatea Craiova
2002 - Hurriya SC
2002 - Astra Ploieşti
2002–2004 - Al-Hilal (Under-19 coach)
2004–2005 - FC Bihor Oradea
2005 - Universitatea Craiova
2006–2007 - Al-Hilal (youth coach)
2007–2008 - CSM Râmnicu Vâlcea
2008–2009 - Inter Gaz Bucureşti
2010 – Al-Riyadh
2011 - Gaz Metan Severin

Saturday, December 03, 2011

UEFA 2012 Fixtures

The teams qualified for Euro 2012 (Polonia & Ukraine) tournament were assigned to the four groups as follows:
Group A      Group B
Croatia      Czech Republic
France       Germany
Italy          Netherlands
Russia        Spain

Group C      Group D
Denmark      England
Greece        Ireland
Poland        Portugal
Sweden       Ukraine

Let's see which one will win the cup.