Friday, October 25, 2013

Funds raising for Universitatea Craiova

Fans of FC Universitatea Craiova decided to raise money for blue-white football players. Today, in the bank accounts supporters have opened, came first money.

This gesture was made ​​by supporters of FC Universitatea Craiova, who want to collect money as a bonus for our players. If they will not collect an amount to help reward the players in 2 months, the money will be returned to those who have sent.
"Boys need to be helped and this worth it, because they play for us. They represent Stiinta, and we are Stiinta "wrote a fan on Facebook. The financial situation of the two accounts in national currency (RON) and Euro will be presented to any person who donated ​​a sum of money.

These are the bank accounts:

If you want to support Universitatea Craiova you may use the donate button placed in the right of this page. Thank you.

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