Monday, November 30, 2009

Universitatea Craiova - Ceahlaul Piatra-Neamt 3-2

It was an usual home game. It had not to much viewers. Although it was just a step for Craiova to do something wrong because the score of the game was 2-2 until the 88th minute of the game. In that moment, Vali Badea had a lucky head strike and we had a happy ending of this match. 3-2 was the final result and Craiova went to the 10th position in the table.

Our team: Lung - Bădoi, Găman, Mitchell, Rose - Wobay ('68 Prepelita), Bărboianu ('60 Firtulescu), Şoavă - M. Costea, F. Costea, Dina ('60 V.Badea)

Our goals were scored by: M. Costea ('6), F. Costea ('37) and V. Badea ('88)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Universitatea Craiova - CFR Cluj 0-1

Universitatea Craiova met CFR Cluj in a game for 1/4 Cup of Romania. It was really a crazy match. The refeere of this game was Alexandru Tudor. He made a lot of mistakes in this game. Craiova had a goal perfectly correct which was rejected, CFR Cluj scored after an offside and that was the final score of the game.

Our team: Lung - Barboianu, Mitchell, Gaman, Rose - Stoica ('65 Firtulescu), Badoi, Wobay, Soava ('35 Dina) - M. Costea ('60 V. Badea), Fl. Costea

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

International Pitesti - Universitatea Craiova 0-1

That was finally the first away victory of Craiova in this season. We were waiting for it kind of 3 months and now it came. It was not such a nice game but these 3 points in the table are all that we need.

Our team: Lung- Bădoi, Găman, Mitchell, Rose - Wobay ('81 Firtulescu), Dilevski, Stoica - M. Costea ('73 V. Badea), F. Costea, Dina ('66 Soava).

Our goal was scored by Mihai Dina ('42) after an assist of Julius Wobay.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Unirea Urziceni - Universitatea Craiova 3-2

This was probably the best match of this winter season. Well... actually only the second half of the game. Because Universitatea Craiova made a waiting game in the first half and because of this we received a goal in the 27th minute of the game.

After the break, this match was like a hurricane. Big opportunities in front of both goals, and more 4 goals scored. Craiova came back twice and made 1-1, and 2-2. This should be the final result of the game, but Urziceni scored in the very last  second of the game ('93) and the final score was 3-2. Nice game but no points in table for Craiova.

Our team: Merlier - Bădoi, Găman, Stoica, Mitchell - Bărboianu ('46 Trica), Dilevski ('65 Dina), Rose ('46 Wobay), Şoavă - M. Costea, F. Costea

Our goals were scored by: M. Costea ('54) and Wobay ('70)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Politehnica Iasi - Universitatea Craiova 0-3

Universitatea Craiova played this time in 1/8 Cup of Romania against Politehnica Iasi. Even our team lost the game against Iasi in Championship, this time it did a good game. It was a very good game and a nice show for the audience. It was also the game when Dorel Stoica came back. Let's hope he will stay for a long time with Craiova.

Our team: Merlier - Bădoi, Găman, Stoica, Mitchell ('90 Firtulescu) - Prepeliţă ('76 Wobay), Dilevski, Rose, Şoavă - M. Costea ('89 Dina), F. Costea

Our goals were scored by Mihai Costea ('25-p, 42') and Florin Costea ('88). Merlier saved a penalty kick in the 78th minute of the game.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Universitatea Craiova - FC Vaslui 1-2

It was another bad match of Universitatea Craiova. Our team lost another game on its own field. And now we really are in danger. Craiova it is on the 15th pace in the table and needs a quickly improving of its football quality. Otherwise Universitatea Craiova will play again in the second League. 
Our team: Merlier - Bădoi, Găman, Mitchell, Rose - Prepeliţă, Dilevski, Şoavă ('46 M. Costea) - Wobay ('81 Firtulescu), F. Costea, Dina ('51 V. Badea)

Our goal was scored in the 89th minute of the game by Florin Costea.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Astra Ploiesti - Universitatea Craiova 3-1

It was a match against a team prepared by the former trainer of Universitatea Craiova, Nicolo Napoli. He knew very well our team but this is not an excuse. Craiova had a bad day and did a bad game. 

So we realy deserved this defeat. The only good thing of this game is Florin Costea scored again and he remains in the top of Romanian first league goalgetters.
Our team: Lung - Bădoi, Barbu, Mitchell, Şoavă ('74 Barboianu) - Wobay, Prepeliţă ('37 V. Badea), Dilevski ('27 Rose), Trică - F. Costea, M. Costea 

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Universitatea Craiova - Gloria Bistrita 2-1

This was a friendly game. It was a big break during Romanian championship because of international games which are played in this 2 weeks. So Universitatea Craiova met again Gloria Bistrita in a friendly game. The result was OK. And that, because our trainer tested some young players and Universitatea Craiova succeded to come back after 0-1. The first goal was scored by Hora ('50) after a free kick executed by Madalin Ciuca, the former captain of Universitatea Craiova 3 years ago. Craiova came back scoring twice by Dilevski ('63) and V. Badea ('68).

Our team: Merlier - Bădoi, Dilevski, Mitchell ('76 Misic), Rose - Prepeliţă ('46 Wobay), Şoavă ('69 J.Nicolae), Dina ('66 Ologu), Firţulescu - F. Costea ('85 Roman), Badea

On the other hand, Dorel Stoica, the captain of Universitatea Craiova in the last 3 seasons, resigned his contract with our team. He will play abroad of Romania but is nothing clear yet.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Universitatea Craiova - Unirea Alba-Iulia 3-1

This game was harder than you can see looking the score. And that because the guests were really decided to do all their best against Craiova. They were close to score in the 2nd minute of the game, but Silviu Lung-jr, Craiova's goalkeeper, saved a shoot of Bobi Verdes.
Starting with the 15th minute of the game, Florin Costea had begun to show his class. He scored for 1-0 after a personal act. In the 30th minute of the game, the same Costea scored for 2-0 after a team combination. In the second half, Costea scored his third goal in this game because of a penalty kick after a fault of Poverlovici in the penalty area against Vali Badea. The goal of Alba-Iulia came in the 31st minute of this match, and was scored by Bobi Verdes after an error in defense of Josh Mitchell.
Our team: 21. S.Lung-jr - 32.Badoi, 4.Mitchell, 3.R. Barbu ('46 2.Barboianu), 8.Soava - 30.Prepelita, 6.Stoica, 33.Trica - 77.Wobay, 9.M. Costea ('60 11.V.Badea), 10.F. Costea ('85 20.Dina)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

FC Timisoara - Universitatea Craiova 1-1

That was quite a match. That's the real football spirit. Universitatea Craiova went in Timisoara to win 3 points. Our team was really decided to win this game and they did a spectacular first half. In the 43rd minute of the game Mihai Costea scored for 1-0 and nobody thought it can be another winner of this game.

But in the second half the Viola team (italian for purple, their color) came back in the game. They forced a goal in the 63rd minute of the game. Actually it was a fault against Universitatea Craiova's goalkeeper, Siliviu Lung-jr. After that it was a real fight on the field but nobody was redcarded. Finally the score remained 1-1 and no one of these teams get lucky.

Our team: 21.Lung - 2.Bărboianu, 6.Stoica, 4.Mitchell, 8.Şoavă ('79 20. Dina) - 30.Prepeliţă, 13.Dilevski ('67 27.Rose), 33.Trică - 77.Wobay ('73 11.V. Badea), 10.F. Costea, 9.M. Costea.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Universitatea Craiova - Gloria Bistrita II 4-0

Universitatea Craiova played against the second team of Gloria Bistrita a match for 1/16 final of Romanian Football Cup. It was an easy game and nobody thought about who will win it. In the 4th minute of the game Florin Costea scored for 1-0. In the 12th minute of the game V. Gaman did an imprudence and was red carded. Even so, Craiova won with 4-0 thanks to another 2 goals scored by Mihai Costea and one more scored by Florin Costea. It was the first game for Florin Costea as captain of Universitatea Craiova and the first of Eugean Neagoe as a trainer of Craiova after Daniel Mogosanu was dismissed.

Our team: 21. Lung - 32. Badoi, 7. Gaman, 4. Mitchell, 27.Rose - 77. Wobay, 13. Dilevski, 33. Trica (2. Barboianu '56), 25. Firtulescu (3. Barb '15) - 9. Mihai Costea, 10. Florin Costea (11. V. Badea '66)

For Craiova scored: Fl. Costea ('4, '43) and M. Costea ('26, '77).

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Universitatea Craiova - Rapid Bucharest 3-4

This game was really crazy. Craiova started the match after 6 games with contradictory results. That meant our team was in need for a victory. There were only 3500 people in audience of this game and this was a negative record for Universitatea Craiova.

Until the 20th minute of the game, Rapid had 2-0 on the score board. Craiova ran after a draw and finally they did that. At the break time the score was 2-2. In the second half of the game the amazing score evolution continued. And the final result was Craiova - Rapid 3-4. After this game Daniel Mogosanu was dismissed. The new manager of Universitatea Craiova will be Eugen Neagoe.

Our team: 21.Lung-jr, 2.Barboianu, 6.Stoica, 7.Gaman, 27.Rose, 30.Prepelita, 13.Dilevski ('67 77.Wobay), 8.Soava, 33.Trica, 9.M. Costea ('68 11.V. Badea), 10.F. Costea ('80 20.Dina)

For Craiova scored: M. Costea ('40), Stoica ('45) and V. Badea ('89)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Politehnica Iasi - Universitatea Craiova 1-0

Universitatea Craiova made another sad game and lost once more time. This time it was 0-0 at the break time. In the 60th minute of the game Mihai Costea received an assist from Eugen Trica. He had the whole goal free in front but his shoot hit the wood. In the very next moment of the game, Politehnica Iasi scored for 1-0 and that was the final result of the game.

Our team: Merlier, Bărboianu, Găman, Stoica, Rose , Şoavă, M. Costea ('69 Dina), Prepeliţă, Dilevski, F. Costea, Badea ('46 Trica)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

South Africa 2010 World Cup

Last week there were a lot of international games for World Cup 2010 qualifying. In America and in Europe we had a lot of big surprises.
First of all, England made a great match against Croatia. They won with 5-1 and this score tells everything about this game. The bookmakers had already given to England the first chance to in the future World Cup. They are between the most valuable teams in the company of Spain and Brasil, of course.
Another big surprise will be Portugal. Even they have one of the greatest football players in the World, they did only a draw, 1-1 against Denmark, and they will miss in South Africa. So we will have a World Cup without Cristiano Ronaldo.
But the biggest surprise we had last week it was Argentina. After 1-3 against Brasil, they have lost one more game against Paraguay (0-1) and now it seems that Argentina will miss in South Africa, also. After Ronaldo, it seems that Lionel Messi will not be in the future World Cup. Diego Armando Maradona will be probably fired from Argentina's national football team. Next year we will see a championship without any stars but with a lot of soul and passion if you take a look at the fans of the winners.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Universitatea Craiova - Gloria Bistrita 5-1

Universitatea Craiova made a good show in a match against Gloria Bistrita. Michael Baird was the man of the match with two goals and an assist. This game gives us a good hope for future. It seems that our team can be in front of the table again.
Our team: 21.S. Lung jr. - 2.Bărboianu, 6.D. Stoica, 3.R. Barbu, 8.Şoavă - 30.Prepeliţă, 13.Dilevski ('73 88.J.Nicolae), 27.Rose - 17.Baird ('71 77.Wobay), 11.V. Badea, 10.Fl. Costea ('66 9.M. Costea)

The scorers were: Michael Baird ('32, '64), Vali Badea ('42), Florin Costea ('52), Julius Wobay ('82) for Bistrita scored Hora ('80)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

FC Brasov - Universitatea Craiova 2-0

Universitatea Craiova played worst another game, this time against FC Brasov. It was a match lost without any argue. Brasov scored twice in the 31st minute by Diogo and 61st by Zaharia.

Our team: 21.S. Lung - 2.Barboianu, 7.Gaman ('27 88.J.Nicolae), 3.R.Barbu, 8.Soava - 30.Prepelita, 6.D. Stoica, 13.Dilevski, 27.Rose ('48 77.Wobay) - 20.Dina ('68 9.M. Costea), 17.Baird

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Universitatea Craiova - Pandurii Tg Jiu 2-0

Universitatea Craiova won without glory this game against Pandurii Tg Jiu. Practicly there were only 17 minutes of fight. After them Craiova had 2-0 and both teams gave up. They just were wating for the game to finish and that was the match.
Before this game, Florin Costea received the title of top scorer for the last season. He scored 17 goals in last championship and this is his first major title in his carrer.

Universitatea Craiova's goals were scored by Mihai Dina (7th min.) and Dorel Stoica (17th min).
Our team: 21.S. Lung jr - 2.Barboianu, 7.Gaman, 3.R. Barbu, 8.Soava - 30.Prepelita ('63 25.Firtulescu), 13.Dilevski, 6.Stoica, 10.Costea - 20.Dina ('53 11.V. Badea), 17. Baird ('82 88.J. Nicolae)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hungary - Romania 0-1

Romania played against Hungary the first friendly game after more than 50 years. This game was dedicated to Marian Cozma, a handball player who was assasinated in Hungary. He used to play for a very popular handball team in Hungary.

Ovidiu Dananae from Universitatea Craiova played his first game for Romania. In the 37th minute of the game he was seriously injuried and he left the field with a banadage arround his knee.

The only goal of the game was scored by Tiberiu Ghioane in the 42nd minute of the game.

Romania: Coman - Dănănae ('37 V.Maftei), Chivu('82 M.Constantin), Rădoi ('59 D.Goian, Neșu - Mara ('75 M.Roman), Ghioane, Apostol, Max Nicu ('59 Codrea) - Dănciulescu ('46 Surdu), Marica. Trainer: Răzvan Lucescu.

Hungary: G. Babos - Gyepes, Vaczak, Juhasz, B. Bodor - Halmasi, Dardai - Dzsudzsak, Hajnal, Huszti - Torghelle. Trainer: Erwin Koeman.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Gaz Metan Medias - Universitatea Craiova 2-1

This was the worst game of Universitate Craiova in the last 2 years. Even so Florin Costea scored for 0-1 in the 43th minute of the game. After the break, the team from Medias scored twice and they wonn the game.

Our team: 21.Lung jr - 18.Dananae, 7.Gaman, 6.D. Stoica, 27.Rose ('63 2.Barboianu)- 30.Prepelita, 13.Dilevski, 8.Soava, 9.M. Costea ('80 77.Wobay)- 17.Baird ('69 20.Dina), 10.Fl. Costea

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Universitatea Craiova - Dinamo Bucharest 0-0

It was a game without history. Practicly it was a mute fight. Both teams tried to score but no one succeded. And this happened in the stadium also. It is a big rivality between Craiova and Dinamo. But the fans were quiet lazy this time.
Universitatea Craiova's team: 21. Lung - 18. Dănănae, 7.Găman, 6. Stoica, 8. Şoavă - 77. Wobay ('52 2. Barboianu), 30. Prepeliţă, 13. Dilevski, 27. Rose ('58 20. Dina) - 9. M Costea, 10. Fl. Costea ('76 17. Baird).

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Universitatea Craiova - Inter Curtea de Argeş 0-0

In front of 5000 people, Universitatea Craiova presented the team for the neaxt season. During the game against Inter Curtea de Arges the supporters of our team saw the new T-shirts for the season 2009-2010.
Our team was: S. Lung jr. - Dănănae, V. Găman, D. Stoica, Şoavă - Prepeliţă ('75 Barboianu), Jackie Nicolae ('46 Wobay), Dilevski ('70 Ologu), M. Costea - Fl. Costea ('46 Firtulescu), V. Badea ('56 Rose).

In the 88th minute of the game, Wobay get a penalty kick for Universitatea Craiova. But Firtulescu spent this great opportunity for nothing.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Universitatea Craiova - Greuther Furth 4-4

The last friendly game played by Universitatea Craiova in Austria was against Greuther Furth (Germany's Second Football League). The final score was 4-4.

Daniel Mogosanu used the following team for this game: Merlier ('81 Mecea) – Bărboianu, I. Popescu, Şoavă, Rose ('85 M. Roman) – Firţulescu, Nicolae ('85 M. Costea), Ologu ('47 Stoica), Gogoşoiu – V. Badea, Dina ('81 Bran)
Our goals were scored by: Şoavă '7-pen., Firţulescu '48, Bărboianu '48, V. Badea '80.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Lazio - Universitatea Craiova 1-1

For the game against Lazio Roma, Universitatea Craiova went in Auronzo di Cadore in Italy. This is a small vilage in Veneto.

Our team was: 21.S. Lung jr. - 18.Dănănae, 7.V. Găman, 3.Barbu, 8.Şoavă - 30.Prepeliţă, 6.D. Stoica, 13.Dilevski - 10.Fl. Costea ('68 77.Wobay), 20.Dina ('45 17.Baird), 9.M. Costea ( '63 23.Rose)

Lazio used 2 teams agains Craiova. In the first half: 86.Muslera, 13.Siviglia, 32.Radu, 11.Kolarov, 32.Brocchi, 24.Ledesma, 5.Mauri; 10.Zàrate, 17.Foggia, 9.Rocchi, in the second half: 1.Bizzarri, 3.Scaloni, 22.Rozenhal, 25.Cribari, 29.De Silvestri, 4.Firmani, 6.Dabo, 7.Eliseu, 14.Correa, 19.Pandev, 21.Inzaghi
The goals were scored by Scaloni ('57) and Baird ('72).

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Universitatea Craiova - VfL Wolfsburg II 2-2

Universitatea Craiova met the second team of VfL Wolfsburg. It was an easy game. The result is not so important because in the 10th minute of the game the score was 2-0 for our team. After that moment out trainers made some experiences for future. Our scorers were: Gogosoiu ('7) and Fl. Costea ('10). The final result was a draw: 2-2.
Our team was: Merlier - Bărboianu, I. Popescu, Stoica (R. Barbu), Şoavă - Wobay (M. Costea), Gogoşoiu, Ologu, Firţulescu - V. Badea (Dina), Fl. Costea

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Universitatea Craiova - Swindon Town 0-1

Universitatea Craiova's players lost their first game in this summer. F. Costea, Mitchell, Soava, Busu and Rose did not participate to this game and Julius Wobay was used as left side defender.
Mihai Dina scored in the 71 minute of the game but the refere said it was off side.
Our team was:
S. Lung jr. - Dănănae, V. Găman, R. Barbu, Wobay ('45 Barboianu) - Prepeliţă, Nicolae, Dilevski ('58 D. Stoica), M. Costea - Dina, Baird ('61 V. Badea)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Universitatea Craiova - Notts County 3-2

Universitatea Craiova met Notts County today. This team is known as being the oldest proffesional footbal club in the World. They set up in 1862. Craiova used the following players: S. Lung jr. - Dănănae, V. Găman, R. Barbu, Şoavă - Prepeliţă, Dilevski, Ologu, M. Costea - Baird, Dina
The scorers for our team were: Dina ('21, '24) and Baird ('52). The most valuable player of Universitatea Craiova, Florin Costea, the top scorer of last Romanian Championship was not used in this game.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Universitatea Craiova - Zell Am See 9-1

Universitatea Craiova met in the second test game of this summer an amateur team from Austria. The score tells almost everything about this game. The scorers of our team were: Prepelita, Dina (2), M. Costea (3), Gogosoiu, Fl. Costea and Ologu.

In the first half, the team was: Lung - Dănănae, Stoica, Barbu, Şoavă - Prepeliţă, Dilevski, Nicolae, M. Costea - Dina, Gogoşoiu.
In the second half, Daniel Mogosanu used the following players: Merlier - Bărboianu, Popescu, Stoica, Rose - Firţulescu, Wobay, Ologu, Roman (Bran) - F. Costea, Badea.

Gaman, Mitchel, Baird and Busu had medical problems and they did not play in this game.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Universitatea - SV Wacker Burghausen 2-2

Universitatea Craiova played a friendly game against SV Wacker Burghausen. This is a team from 3rd German football league. The game was played in Austria, in Kaprun. This is the place where Craiova is preparing for the next season.
The goals of Universitatea Craiova were scored by Mihai Costea ('65) and Dina ('80).

The new trainer of our team is Daniel Mogosanu, a former player of Craiova in the years '90. He used the following team: Lung - Bărboianu, I. Popescu, Stoica, Rose - Firţulescu, Gogoşoiu, Ologu, Wobay - F. Costea, Badea in the second half, Craiova had the following players: Lung - Dănănae, Găman, Barbu, Şoavă - Firţulescu (Roman ‘70), Dilevski, Nicolae, M. Costea - Dina, Badea (Bran ‘65). Prepeliţă and Baird did not play because of some medical problems.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Universitatea Craiova's fans

These pictures were taken at 450 Km distance from Craiova. In a place called Baile Felix, situated at the frontiere between Romania and Hungary.