Sunday, October 04, 2009

Universitatea Craiova - Unirea Alba-Iulia 3-1

This game was harder than you can see looking the score. And that because the guests were really decided to do all their best against Craiova. They were close to score in the 2nd minute of the game, but Silviu Lung-jr, Craiova's goalkeeper, saved a shoot of Bobi Verdes.
Starting with the 15th minute of the game, Florin Costea had begun to show his class. He scored for 1-0 after a personal act. In the 30th minute of the game, the same Costea scored for 2-0 after a team combination. In the second half, Costea scored his third goal in this game because of a penalty kick after a fault of Poverlovici in the penalty area against Vali Badea. The goal of Alba-Iulia came in the 31st minute of this match, and was scored by Bobi Verdes after an error in defense of Josh Mitchell.
Our team: 21. S.Lung-jr - 32.Badoi, 4.Mitchell, 3.R. Barbu ('46 2.Barboianu), 8.Soava - 30.Prepelita, 6.Stoica, 33.Trica - 77.Wobay, 9.M. Costea ('60 11.V.Badea), 10.F. Costea ('85 20.Dina)

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