Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Otelul Galati - Universitatea Craiova 2-1

Anoter lost game by Universitatea Craiova. This game was lost in the old manner we already know. Universitatea Craiova received a goal in the last 10 minutes and the reaction did not came. Our team made a good game and played well. Unfortunately they did not win and we must try again to save ourselfs from the second football league.Our goal was scored by Julius Wobay.

Universitatea: Bornescu - Dananae (’46 Barboianu), Ciuca, D. Stoica, Mitchell - Prepelita, Gargalie, Dina (’57 A. Ionescu), Rose - Baird (’66 Tanasa), Wobay. Trainer: Nicolo Napoli

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Universitatea Craiova - "U" Cluj-Napoca 1-1

Our team get only one point against the last team in the table. That was because of a mistake of Nicusor Banica, the bench goalkeeper of Universitatea Craiova. Mircea Bornescu get suspended for 6 matches because a video evidence from a fault made in the last game.

You may see some images from this game in the movie from above. Our goal is presented bellow:

“U” Craiova: Bănică - Dănănae, D. Stoica, Mitchell, Rose - Prepeliţă (’58 Dina), Gărgălie, Costea I, Velcovici - C. Tănasă, Stoianof (’68 Luţu)
Trainer: Nicolo Napoli

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Vicentiu Neagoe is in the stuff

The most representative fan of Universitatea Craiova was added in administrative stuff of our team. His name is Vicentiu Neagoe. You can see some videos with him following this address:

Monday, October 08, 2007

We are made of stone

This is an old ancient song about Oltenia. Oltenia is the part from Romania wher Craiova is placed as a cultural center. The artist is called Tudor Gheorghe and he is one of the most beloved Romanian actors. Just listen the song below:

Friday, October 05, 2007

Gloria Bistrita - Universitatea Craiova 0-1

Once again we won! Universitatea Craiova confirmed.Universitatea Craiova fought hard in Bistrita. This is the city of ancient Dracula. There is one time only when Universitatea Craiova get 3 points on this stadium. Gloria Bistrita has a strong team. Our players made a good game totday. The goal was scored by Julius Woobay in the 35th minute of the game.
Our team: Bornescu - Dananae, Ciuca (cpt.), Mitchell, Rose - D. Stoica, Gargalie - Fl. Costea (Barboianu 65), Dina (Lutu 77), Wobay (Velcovici 62) - Tanasa. Trainer: Daniel Mogosanu.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Oltenia Eterna Terra Nova

Another wedding, the same song: "Oltenia eterna Terra Nova". Official anthem of Universitatea Craiova.