Saturday, October 20, 2007

Universitatea Craiova - "U" Cluj-Napoca 1-1

Our team get only one point against the last team in the table. That was because of a mistake of Nicusor Banica, the bench goalkeeper of Universitatea Craiova. Mircea Bornescu get suspended for 6 matches because a video evidence from a fault made in the last game.

You may see some images from this game in the movie from above. Our goal is presented bellow:

“U” Craiova: Bănică - Dănănae, D. Stoica, Mitchell, Rose - Prepeliţă (’58 Dina), Gărgălie, Costea I, Velcovici - C. Tănasă, Stoianof (’68 Luţu)
Trainer: Nicolo Napoli

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