Sunday, July 26, 2009

Universitatea Craiova - Inter Curtea de Argeş 0-0

In front of 5000 people, Universitatea Craiova presented the team for the neaxt season. During the game against Inter Curtea de Arges the supporters of our team saw the new T-shirts for the season 2009-2010.
Our team was: S. Lung jr. - Dănănae, V. Găman, D. Stoica, Şoavă - Prepeliţă ('75 Barboianu), Jackie Nicolae ('46 Wobay), Dilevski ('70 Ologu), M. Costea - Fl. Costea ('46 Firtulescu), V. Badea ('56 Rose).

In the 88th minute of the game, Wobay get a penalty kick for Universitatea Craiova. But Firtulescu spent this great opportunity for nothing.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Universitatea Craiova - Greuther Furth 4-4

The last friendly game played by Universitatea Craiova in Austria was against Greuther Furth (Germany's Second Football League). The final score was 4-4.

Daniel Mogosanu used the following team for this game: Merlier ('81 Mecea) – Bărboianu, I. Popescu, Şoavă, Rose ('85 M. Roman) – Firţulescu, Nicolae ('85 M. Costea), Ologu ('47 Stoica), Gogoşoiu – V. Badea, Dina ('81 Bran)
Our goals were scored by: Şoavă '7-pen., Firţulescu '48, Bărboianu '48, V. Badea '80.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Lazio - Universitatea Craiova 1-1

For the game against Lazio Roma, Universitatea Craiova went in Auronzo di Cadore in Italy. This is a small vilage in Veneto.

Our team was: 21.S. Lung jr. - 18.Dănănae, 7.V. Găman, 3.Barbu, 8.Şoavă - 30.Prepeliţă, 6.D. Stoica, 13.Dilevski - 10.Fl. Costea ('68 77.Wobay), 20.Dina ('45 17.Baird), 9.M. Costea ( '63 23.Rose)

Lazio used 2 teams agains Craiova. In the first half: 86.Muslera, 13.Siviglia, 32.Radu, 11.Kolarov, 32.Brocchi, 24.Ledesma, 5.Mauri; 10.Zàrate, 17.Foggia, 9.Rocchi, in the second half: 1.Bizzarri, 3.Scaloni, 22.Rozenhal, 25.Cribari, 29.De Silvestri, 4.Firmani, 6.Dabo, 7.Eliseu, 14.Correa, 19.Pandev, 21.Inzaghi
The goals were scored by Scaloni ('57) and Baird ('72).

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Universitatea Craiova - VfL Wolfsburg II 2-2

Universitatea Craiova met the second team of VfL Wolfsburg. It was an easy game. The result is not so important because in the 10th minute of the game the score was 2-0 for our team. After that moment out trainers made some experiences for future. Our scorers were: Gogosoiu ('7) and Fl. Costea ('10). The final result was a draw: 2-2.
Our team was: Merlier - Bărboianu, I. Popescu, Stoica (R. Barbu), Şoavă - Wobay (M. Costea), Gogoşoiu, Ologu, Firţulescu - V. Badea (Dina), Fl. Costea

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Universitatea Craiova - Swindon Town 0-1

Universitatea Craiova's players lost their first game in this summer. F. Costea, Mitchell, Soava, Busu and Rose did not participate to this game and Julius Wobay was used as left side defender.
Mihai Dina scored in the 71 minute of the game but the refere said it was off side.
Our team was:
S. Lung jr. - Dănănae, V. Găman, R. Barbu, Wobay ('45 Barboianu) - Prepeliţă, Nicolae, Dilevski ('58 D. Stoica), M. Costea - Dina, Baird ('61 V. Badea)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Universitatea Craiova - Notts County 3-2

Universitatea Craiova met Notts County today. This team is known as being the oldest proffesional footbal club in the World. They set up in 1862. Craiova used the following players: S. Lung jr. - Dănănae, V. Găman, R. Barbu, Şoavă - Prepeliţă, Dilevski, Ologu, M. Costea - Baird, Dina
The scorers for our team were: Dina ('21, '24) and Baird ('52). The most valuable player of Universitatea Craiova, Florin Costea, the top scorer of last Romanian Championship was not used in this game.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Universitatea Craiova - Zell Am See 9-1

Universitatea Craiova met in the second test game of this summer an amateur team from Austria. The score tells almost everything about this game. The scorers of our team were: Prepelita, Dina (2), M. Costea (3), Gogosoiu, Fl. Costea and Ologu.

In the first half, the team was: Lung - Dănănae, Stoica, Barbu, Şoavă - Prepeliţă, Dilevski, Nicolae, M. Costea - Dina, Gogoşoiu.
In the second half, Daniel Mogosanu used the following players: Merlier - Bărboianu, Popescu, Stoica, Rose - Firţulescu, Wobay, Ologu, Roman (Bran) - F. Costea, Badea.

Gaman, Mitchel, Baird and Busu had medical problems and they did not play in this game.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Universitatea - SV Wacker Burghausen 2-2

Universitatea Craiova played a friendly game against SV Wacker Burghausen. This is a team from 3rd German football league. The game was played in Austria, in Kaprun. This is the place where Craiova is preparing for the next season.
The goals of Universitatea Craiova were scored by Mihai Costea ('65) and Dina ('80).

The new trainer of our team is Daniel Mogosanu, a former player of Craiova in the years '90. He used the following team: Lung - Bărboianu, I. Popescu, Stoica, Rose - Firţulescu, Gogoşoiu, Ologu, Wobay - F. Costea, Badea in the second half, Craiova had the following players: Lung - Dănănae, Găman, Barbu, Şoavă - Firţulescu (Roman ‘70), Dilevski, Nicolae, M. Costea - Dina, Badea (Bran ‘65). Prepeliţă and Baird did not play because of some medical problems.