Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Universitatea Craiova - Gloria Bistrita 2-1

This was a friendly game. It was a big break during Romanian championship because of international games which are played in this 2 weeks. So Universitatea Craiova met again Gloria Bistrita in a friendly game. The result was OK. And that, because our trainer tested some young players and Universitatea Craiova succeded to come back after 0-1. The first goal was scored by Hora ('50) after a free kick executed by Madalin Ciuca, the former captain of Universitatea Craiova 3 years ago. Craiova came back scoring twice by Dilevski ('63) and V. Badea ('68).

Our team: Merlier - Bădoi, Dilevski, Mitchell ('76 Misic), Rose - Prepeliţă ('46 Wobay), Şoavă ('69 J.Nicolae), Dina ('66 Ologu), Firţulescu - F. Costea ('85 Roman), Badea

On the other hand, Dorel Stoica, the captain of Universitatea Craiova in the last 3 seasons, resigned his contract with our team. He will play abroad of Romania but is nothing clear yet.

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