Sunday, September 27, 2009

FC Timisoara - Universitatea Craiova 1-1

That was quite a match. That's the real football spirit. Universitatea Craiova went in Timisoara to win 3 points. Our team was really decided to win this game and they did a spectacular first half. In the 43rd minute of the game Mihai Costea scored for 1-0 and nobody thought it can be another winner of this game.

But in the second half the Viola team (italian for purple, their color) came back in the game. They forced a goal in the 63rd minute of the game. Actually it was a fault against Universitatea Craiova's goalkeeper, Siliviu Lung-jr. After that it was a real fight on the field but nobody was redcarded. Finally the score remained 1-1 and no one of these teams get lucky.

Our team: 21.Lung - 2.Bărboianu, 6.Stoica, 4.Mitchell, 8.Şoavă ('79 20. Dina) - 30.Prepeliţă, 13.Dilevski ('67 27.Rose), 33.Trică - 77.Wobay ('73 11.V. Badea), 10.F. Costea, 9.M. Costea.

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