Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Universitatea Craiova - Gloria Bistrita II 4-0

Universitatea Craiova played against the second team of Gloria Bistrita a match for 1/16 final of Romanian Football Cup. It was an easy game and nobody thought about who will win it. In the 4th minute of the game Florin Costea scored for 1-0. In the 12th minute of the game V. Gaman did an imprudence and was red carded. Even so, Craiova won with 4-0 thanks to another 2 goals scored by Mihai Costea and one more scored by Florin Costea. It was the first game for Florin Costea as captain of Universitatea Craiova and the first of Eugean Neagoe as a trainer of Craiova after Daniel Mogosanu was dismissed.

Our team: 21. Lung - 32. Badoi, 7. Gaman, 4. Mitchell, 27.Rose - 77. Wobay, 13. Dilevski, 33. Trica (2. Barboianu '56), 25. Firtulescu (3. Barb '15) - 9. Mihai Costea, 10. Florin Costea (11. V. Badea '66)

For Craiova scored: Fl. Costea ('4, '43) and M. Costea ('26, '77).

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