Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Universitatea Craiova - Gloria Bistrita 5-1

Universitatea Craiova made a good show in a match against Gloria Bistrita. Michael Baird was the man of the match with two goals and an assist. This game gives us a good hope for future. It seems that our team can be in front of the table again.
Our team: 21.S. Lung jr. - 2.Bărboianu, 6.D. Stoica, 3.R. Barbu, 8.Şoavă - 30.Prepeliţă, 13.Dilevski ('73 88.J.Nicolae), 27.Rose - 17.Baird ('71 77.Wobay), 11.V. Badea, 10.Fl. Costea ('66 9.M. Costea)

The scorers were: Michael Baird ('32, '64), Vali Badea ('42), Florin Costea ('52), Julius Wobay ('82) for Bistrita scored Hora ('80)

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