Wednesday, December 30, 2015

CSU Means Nothing

CSU Craiova stands for Sports Club Universitatea Craiova. This was the initial name of the mother club which included athletics, football, handball, voleyball and bridge during communist regime in Romania. FCU left this big club and became Football Club Universitatea Craiova in 1990 and continued like this until 2011 when it was abusively destroyed by Romanian Football Federation. I explained in the previous posts how this could be possible. If you take a look at recently uncovered Platini-Blatter case and taking into account Mircea Sandu (former FRF president) was one of the biggest supporters of this corrupted couple it is easy to understand what a big Mafia our club had to deal with.
CSU just came in 2013 in Romanian football trying to replace the old FCU in fan's mind and in the official statistics. There were serious money quantities pumped in this project at the beginning but the managers made one mistake after another. The most important was they didn't knew the public in Craiova and the local habits. They tried to replace the old team with people without any connection with this city. They never had a real audience and, on a stadium which gathered 50,000 viewers in the past, CSU had at most 4000 people in tribunes.  In many games they played with only a couple of hundreds watching them. 

Today everything is a mess there. The main investor is in prison being accused of corruption. There are no more money involved in this project. The team lost the contact with the play-off places in the table and now is trying to resist but the last results are very bad. The managers tried to attract in their stuff old glories of Craiova's football, they had Cartu and Sandoi as trainers but this move wasn't a long term success. The City Hall of Craiova took part in this new club (having an old name) but they only made aggressive declarations and nothing really important for the football in Craiova. 
There is only one conclusion after all these facts: the City Hall doesn't matter, the old name CSU means nothing, the old glories of the club doesn't mean anything, money doesn't count in this equation. The only important are the fans of Universitatea Craiova and they can not be bullshited by politicians or people in key positions in Romanian Football Federation.

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olteanul1986 said...

Bravo. Universitatea unica iubire!