Thursday, December 17, 2015

Ada Nechita

Born: November 14th 1983 in Bailesti-Dolj
right wing in Romanian national handball team
teams: Stiinta Bailesti, CS Universitatea Craiova, Oltchim Ramnicu-Valcea and HCM Baia-Mare

trophies: Romanian Championship (2006), Romanian Cup (2006), Cup Winners Cup (2006)

Ada Nechita is the woman on top today. Romania qualified in the semifinals of Handball World Championship 2015 after winning against Denmark - the host team. The final score was 31-30 after extra time. During regular time the game ended as a draw 29-29.

Ada Nechita is probably one of the most beautiful players in the tournament. Her love life proves this more than anything. In 2007 she married with Catalin Olteanu. In 2009 they separated and Ada had an affair with the football player Florin Costea - one of Costea brothers about you may read more here .

In 2013 Ada and Florin separated and she started a relationship with the mayor of Baia Mare - Catalin Chereches. He was actually the main sponsor of the handball team in which Ada Nechita was just transfered. Their realtionship ended in 2014.

Today Ada Nechita was part of Romanian handball team who won against Denmark. The most important goal of the match, the last one, was scored by herself. Let's wish good luck to the best team and let's hope Adriana will play better and better.

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