Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Mihai Costea - Betting Scandal Issue

Mihai-Alexandru Costea - striker
Born: May 29th 1988 
Tall: 1.85m
2006-2011 - He played for Universitatea Craiova - 83 games/ 14 goals
2011-2015 - Steaua  Bucharest - 35 games/ 9 goals 
2015 - FC Voluntari - 7 games/ 0 golas

U21 Romania team - 13 games / 11 goals
2 times champion of Romania (Steaua - 2013, 2014) 
Romanian Supercup - 2013
Promoted in Liga I (Universitatea Craiova - 2006)

After the scandal which involved coaches Flavius ​​Stoican (ex-FC Voluntari) and Nicolo Napoli (CSMS Iasi), caught betting on Internet via bet365 and whose case reached the mass of the Disciplinary Commission of FRF another case explodes in Liga I. The striker Mihai Costea from FC Voluntari, was photographed in a betting office while puts his ticket.

Being asked if he really did that, Mihai Costea replayed it was a 2 years ago old picture. The real problem is the betting office were he was surprised by paparazzi was not in function 2 years ago. More than this, this is a brand new agency founded 2 months ago. This means the football player is guilty as charged.

The football players and coaches in Romania are suspected to gamble, directly or through intermediaries in sports betting. This explains the increasingly strange results recorded in certain matches. It is known that football disciplinary regulations forbid them to do this. According to Art. 60 of the Disciplinary Regulations, Mihai Costea risks a suspension of two years and a fine of 66.500€.

This is not the first time Mihai Costea gets in trouble. He had to be rejected by Steaua Bucharest because of his relation with a model/playmate called Daniela Crudu .

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