Friday, December 11, 2015

Universitatea Craiova Died And Nobody Cares

February 25th 2014 was the last day "Universitatea" Craiova existed. Actually this is the last video regarding our football team. A boring winter day. A pale shadow of the squad which literally impressed Europe 30 years ago. 

Being relegated in the second league of Romanian football, "Universitatea" Craiova couldn't finish the championship. The main reason was a serious lack of founds. Actually in short time the management was forced to declare bankruptcy. This video show the players demanding their financial rights and complaining about training conditions. Craiova is a city for 250.000 inhabitants. People there is very bad organised and divided because their political views or financial interests. This matter of facts lead to no way out situation . The municipality observed all these defects and founded its own football team having the same name and symbols as the old one. FRF (Romanian Football Federation) suddenly adopted the new club and in this way something incredible happened: the old U Craiova played against the new U Craiova in an official competition... twice. Both games ended in the same way 0-0.

Today it exists the club of municipality only. It promoted in the first Romanian football league and they pretending they are the same club as the old one. Even the official documents show the evidence of 2 total different football teams, nobody recognizes this true fact. After a difficult start in the first season in first Romanian football league, CSU Craiova (the name of the new team) managed to play 14 consecutive games without losing. Many people wondered how was that possible. Anyhow, now they are playing their second season in Liga I and the situation in the table shows this is a mediocre squad. They are in the middle of the table trying hard to qualify for playoff. Two weeks ago, the owner of this club got in prison because of corruption being suspected of a fraud of 60 millions €. It is useless to mention CSU is not making any good result since then. 

On the other hand, FCU Craiova (the name of the old team) tried hard to solve the bankruptcy problem. This matter is in the lawyers hands now and the signs are very bad. Long processes, contradictory court solutions, many interests involved and a dead end for football players and the fans of this club. Practically 65 years of tradition must be buried and people is forced to accept the clone team as being their own. If you ever seen "Changing" directed by Angelina Jolie you can understand the situation of Universitatea Craiova's ultras.

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