Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Romanian Football Federation Is Serious In Trouble

The Romanian Court of Appeals ruled today canceling of FRF's new statute which was voted in the summer of 2014 and the case was sent back for retrial in The Court Of Bucharest. 

This means the statute of 2014 can not be used anymore and all the decisions based on this statute will be canceled. Two major differences between the statute of 2011 and the statute of 2014 are: 
- In Romanian Football Federation (FRF) it is not allowed to be hired a person who got in prison or is involved in a criminal trial. This means some people should be fired there.
- No team can be promoted without an experience of minimum 3 years of existence. This rule is very normal because there are 4 football leagues in Romania. And according with this rule no team can promote but only one league per year. This means if will appear a football team someday, this team should start from the last football league and can play in the first football league - Liga I - no soon than 3 years after its establishing. 

According with this last change canceling, CSU - the new team in Craiova - is in impossibility to play football games in Romanian first league. They only spent 1 year in the second league and played in Liga I very next year. They started in the second football league instead of the last one, as normal. Let's see who will gonna pay for all these corruption facts.

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