Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Special One

Chelsea London

No other comment. The most important football club in England from 2000 til now. Jose Mourinho - the special one. The most successful football trainer in the World. A man with a huge background and a great history. Do you play "Top Eleven" ? Then you know who is Jose Mourinho.

Me and my friends visited Stanford Bridge. It was a football game in UEFA League. Chelsea's manager was Rafael Benitez at that time. This club ended that season wining this trophy but still... Chelsea's fans were crazy protesting for two men - Didier Drogba and Jose Mourinho. Next season "the special one" returned on Stanford Bridge. This is just a short story about how important this man can be. 

After 2 years of managing this incredible football team, it happened that Chelsea had the worst start of season in the history. Because of this Jose Mourinho was sacked today. He had a resignation clause of 40 million £ in his contract. Finally the parts agreed to a compensation of 10 million £ which represent the salary of Mourinho for the present season. 4 hours after signing of these documents, there were sent offers to Jose by Real Madrid and Manchester United. This means to be special.

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