Thursday, February 07, 2013

Brotherhood Napoli Craiova

Universitatea Craiova and SSC Napoli are 2 legendary football teams. They supported each other and they have almost the same history. The fans of these 2 football teams have common feelings and the same colors to support.

Craiova is the warmest place in Romania. The fans of this Universitatea have the same passion like Napoli's. Both cities are old and carrying a great history. The brotherhood between these teams started in 1979 when Gianfranco Menegalli, the referee of the UEFA cup match  U Craiova - Leeds United 2-0 declared: "In Craiova is same as in Naples". This phrase described the passion of the fans and the atmosphere in the stadium.

In October 2010, at a game played in Romania, Steaua Bucharest - Napoli 3-3, there were a lor of fans of universitatea Craiova supporting the Italian team. This gesture was granted by thanks in Napoli's fans forum. After 3 days, the ultras of Universitatea Craiova sang and gave a big applause for Napoli's result against Steaua.

The Mafia in Romanian footbal canceled Universitatea Craiova in 2011. The team was just erased in any competition and from the Romanian football history. Universitatea Craiova - the first Romanian football team who played a semifinal of an European Cup was not mentioned in official Romanian Federation documents concerning the 2012 UEFA Cup final - Atheltic Bilbao - Atletico Madrid 0-3 - played in Bucharest.

Today Universitatea Craiova's fans are looking for justice trying to bring back their team in football. Napoli's supporters showed their support in a game played in Serie A, Napoli-Lazio, 26th of September 2012. This means friendship. Forza Napoli ! Justice for Craiova !


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