Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Lia Olguta Vasilescu In Prison

The long chain of corruption cases never ends in Romania. Today, after 5 hours of audition, the city mayor of Craiova was imprisoned. The prosecutors decided to put Vasilescu in detention after a long list of corruption and illegal election campaign funding proves. She is the second city mayor of Craiova who ends in prison. Aurica Solomon, the ex mayor of this city, interrupted his mandate in the same way. More Romanian Parliament members belonging of this zone were imprisoned in the last 4 years as well. Gigi Netoiu, former owner of Universitatea Craiova is between them.
This events are placing Craiova in the darkest corner of corruption map of Romania. Actually the situation in this city was never been so bad. Today people living in Craiova are not safe. Starting with the rullers of the city and ending with the smallest insignificant member of bureaucratic system, everybody steals, everybody deals with black money and everybody wants to became rich over night. Let's see where this snowball will stop.    

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