Thursday, February 18, 2016

FC U Craiova Wins In Court

When FRF (Romanian Football Federation) and LPF (Romanian Football League) decided to abusive erase FC U Craiova from Romanian football they motivated their decision with 2 arguments:
- an economical division made prior this juridical decision - when the economical company which administrated the football club was divided in 2 new companies
- a trial between FC U Craiova and FRF opened by our football team.

Right after this decision FC U Craiova demonstrated in court they didn't sue FRF. It was just a trial based on economical issues between FC U Craiova and Victor Piturca (former coach of our club). This decision is final and nobody can deny it.
Yesterday FC Universitatea got a final decision in court: the division was legal and nobody can argue with it. This means they used two wrong motivations used by the ones who decided FC U Craiova will no longer be a part of Romanian football.

Now let's see the consequences.

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