Sunday, May 15, 2016

Dumitru Dragomir

What happens in Romanian football is still surprising for everybody. Today we are speaking about Dumitru Dragomir. He was born in Oltenia - the region which has Universitatea Craiova in mind and soul. This part of Romania only hopes it will come a day when FC Universitatea Craiova will rise again and fight against the big football clubs in Europe.
Back in the 1946 in Balcesti, Valcea was born this guy called Mitica Dragomir. He came from a poor family of peasants and started early his life trying to emigrate in a big city in the age of 15. It seems he tried to work in a communist factory but when he saw how hard is to work he suddenly fell in love with football. He says he tried to be a football player but nobody have seen him playing in his life. After this he went in a referee school and he also studied to be a trainer. He became a football club president because the communists wanted sons of peasants to rule everything in Romania. He used to be the president of FC Olt Scornicesti (the foobtall team based in Ceausescu's born place), FCM Brasov and Victoria Bucharest (the team of Securitatea - Ceausescu's secret service). After 1990 he went in prison for a short time because he broke the law many times when he was one of the protegees of communist regime in Romania. He managed to get out of prison, started a newspaper and because he knew too much about the others he was named the president of Romanian Football League in the way he will be forced to close his publication and do no more blackmails. 

20 years he was actually nr.2 in Romanian Football (after Mircea Sandu - the president of Romanian Football Federation) and nobody asked how can this be possible. How can someone without any school, without any basic knowledge to be the manager of First Romanian Football League. He actually had no rules there. He made his own decisions concerning every team as he wanted or as his interest was.
In the end all the football fans revolted and changed him from this important position. After this change a big chain of illegalities was discovered and his is part of many trials as a main suspect. The exclusion of Universitatea Craiova from all football competitions of Romania was his fault, too. And he will be convict on May 25th because of this. Despite all of his Mafia style activities he continues to be the president of a Romanian football club called FC Voluntari. A club without fans and without any kind of tradition. How can be possible such a situation?

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