Saturday, January 23, 2016

Florin Prunea

Florin Prunea was one of the football players who made the biggest success of Romanian football - quarter of finals at World Cup USA 1994. He and Bogdan Stelea were the best Romanian goalkeepers at a time. 
He was born August 8th 1968 in Bucharest and used to play for Dinamo Bucharest, "U" Cluj-Napoca and Universitatea Craiova. In 1991 he won the title of Champion of Romania and the Romanian Cup for Universitatea Craiova. 

Now, after a short career in Romanian Football Federation, he is the president of CSU Iasi. Nicolo Napoli - Stiinta's former trainer - works in the same club.
Two days ago, Florin Prunea made this statement in a press conference: "People who used to work in football know: most of FRF (Romanian Football Federation) actions in court will be lost. If Adrian Mititelu will win the lawsuit against federation, FRF will be demolished. The president of the Romanian Football Federation comes from a gray world. They are not coming from sport's world. They really hate the players from Romanian national football team. They are coming from corporate system, they are former undercover officers who, I think, don't belong in world of sports."

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