Thursday, January 28, 2016

What Is The Name Of... ?

People are different. It is very hard to find 2 men with the same life philosophy. This is way there are groups and clubs were people who feel the same join to reach a common goal. One of these clubs is Universitatea Craiova. The real one, not the fake one which tries to not be ashamed nowadays. Gica Craioveanu was a great football player. A very important person in early 90's for our club. He moved in Spain when sold by our team and had a nice career for Real Sociedad San Sebastian, Villareal and Getafe. On June 20th 2013 he came back in Craiova being determined to help Universitatea Craiova again. He declared: "There is no other Universitatea Craiova. It can not be another club with this name because we have the glory and the fans and we made history for this team."
After 7 days the mayor of Craiova, Lia Olguta Vasilescu, declares: "We will make another team because Adrian Mititelu has no more money. It will be a new team as a mix between the sport club, city hall of Craiova and a businessman who loves Universitatea Craiova".
She did what she said and Gica Craioveanu joined this new team. The only problem is he said this new team called CSU Craiova is actually the original football team, the one he used to play when he mad history for Universitatea Craiova. This new club had a 3 years history. Craioveanu was their image director being one of the biggest fans of them. 
After these 3 years the truth came to surface. The investor of  CSU Craiova was exposed and arrested for corruption. The evidences show that Mihai Rotaru was guilty for a €60 million fraud. After this event his football team went down in the table, they sold the most representative football players and now are trying to resist in Romanian first football league. 2 weeks ago, Gica Craioveanu declared again: "I don't trust anymore the new project of CSU Craiova. It is not what they promised and I don't think they represent Craiova anymore."
There is only one question now: "WHAT IS THE NAME OF SUCH A PERSON ?" How do you call someone how jumps from a boat to another depending of his interests ?

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