Sunday, April 30, 2006

Nicolae Tilihoi

Birth Date: December 9th 1956, Brãila
1974-1975: played at Progresul Braila
1975-1976: played at FC Braila
1976-1987: played at Universitatea Craiova
1976: first game in "Divizia A"
1977: Cup Of Romania winner
1978: Cup Of Romania winner
1980: Champion Of Romania
1981: Champion Of Romania, Cup Of Romania winner
1983: Cup Of Romania winner
1987/1988: played at Metalul Bocsa
Games played in "Divizia A": 296, 7 goals scored
Games played in European cups: 36
Games played in Romania's National Team: 11
1990/1991: trainer at Jiul IEELIF Craiova (3rd League), winner of 3rd League
1991/1992: assistent coach at Electroputere Craiova
1996: trainer of Universitatea Craiova (U21 team)
1997: assistent coach of Universitatea Craiova
1998-2002: vicepresident at Universitatea Craiova
2003: vicepresident at Electroputere Craiova
2003: trainer at Senaco Novaci
Citizen of Honour of Craiova City

In the football books, the born date of Nicolae Tilihoi is August 9th 1956. He said: "Many people send me congratulations on August 9th, but this is an error. I was born on December 9th 1956. Anyhow, I thank all who congrats me even they do this in August or in December".

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