Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Beginig

The first football team from Craiova was founded in 1921. It was called Craiovan Craiova and it reminded about the beginings of this city. The legend says that this city was founded by a ancient ruller called Iovan was actually was a prince. In the old Romanian language "crai" stands for the English "prince". So that "Prince Iovan" means "Crai Iovan".

In 1948 a group of students from University Of Craiova and their teatchers are putting the bases for the club wich will become the most beloved footbal team from Romania: Universitatea Craiova.

In 195o the name of this club is changed in Stiinta Craiova. Its first paticipation in the second football League from Romania (Divizia B) was 1955.

In the season 1963-1964 Stiinta winn Divizia B and came in Romanian First League (Divizia A). The old stadium of this team was called "Tineretului" Stadium, which in Eglish means "Stadium Of The Youth". The names of the football players who did this historycal performace were: Dumitrescu, Vasilescu, Geleriu, Lungan, Deliu, Tetea, Ganga, Anton, Lovin, Onea, Visan, Stanciu, Papuc, C.Stanescu, A.Stanescu thier trainers were: Nicolae Oteleanu and Aurel Preda.

In 1966 the team comeback at its origianl name Universitatea Craiova and this name remains the same for good. In the same year, a new football player statrs to play for this team: Ion Oblemenco. He will be one of the greatest players who played for Craiova ever.

In Octomber 29th 1967 in Craiova is founded a new stadium. This will be called "Central".

In 1972-1973 Universitatea Craiova came second on the final table of Romanian Championship. The first place of it was taken by Dinamo Bucharest, the team of Romanian communist political police known as "Securitatea". In that season Universitatea Craiova wonn in Bucharest with 6-4 the game against Rapid Bucharest and with 6-2 the game against Steaua Bucharest. This year was also the 4th year in which ion Oblemenco wonn the title of the best Romanian scorer of the year. He wonn this title in 1966-1967, 1969-1970, 1971-1972, 1972-1973.

Next year, in 1973-1974, Universitatea Craiova winns its first Football Champion Of Romania title. This was the first student team from Europe which take a title of champion. The team of that time was: Oprea, Manta, Niculescu, Badin, Deselnicu, Velea, Strambeanu, Ivan, Nita, Balaci, Berneanu, Taralunga, Oblemenco, Balan, Pana, Boc, Stefanescu, Marcu, Stancescu, Kiss, Chivu, Negrila, Constantinescu and the trainers were Constantin Cernaianu and Constantin Otet. A new name appeared in the team of Universitatea Craiova: Ilie Balaci, one of the most beloved football players from Romania. In the same year Universitatea Craiova wonn the duble match against AC Fiorentina (Italy) in U.E.F.A. Cup. The results were 0-0 in Florence, Italy and 1-0 in Craiova, Romania. The scorer was Ion Oblemenco, in the 89th minute of the second match.


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