Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Champion Of A Great Love

Universitatea Craiova. This is my football team. for those of you who are non British, I am talking about a soccer team.
In the picture above is one of our players. He is the goalkeeper of our team, Mircea Bornescu. In this season he took only 5 goals in 20 games which he played. This is a very good performance. There are not so many goalkeepers who can tell they did a similar performace.

In this season, Universitatea Craiova is for the first time after 41 years in Divizia B (the second football league from Romania). We wonn 4 Romanian Championships and 6 times Romanian Cup. This team was founded in 1948. In 1964 we went to the first league and in 2005 we came back in the second league. This year, we are preparing for a new adventure in Divizia A. Let's Hope we will never come back in Divizia B.

Fans Of Our Team

Our team had always a great number of fans. Although this football team is one of the most beloved football teams from Romania. As an example of what Romanian love means when we are speaking about footbal is this picture made in 1978-1979. This is very precioous for me because it represents a great legend of Craiova football: Ion Oblemenco. As a matter of fact, the stadium where Universitatea Craiova plays its games is also called about him: ION OBLEMENCO.

Nowadays this football team has also a big number of fans. But we are still trying to realise the past performances in sport and as a audience for a football game. The mos numberous audience was in 2002-2003 when at a game against steaua Bucharest were 40,000 people on our stadium and 20,000 were left outside trying to get a place into it.

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