Thursday, April 27, 2006

Adrian Paunescu

He is one of the greatest Romanian writers alive. Has tens or event hundreds published books. He had a full life and was a very active person. Nourdays is senator in the Romanian Parlament. Adrian Paunescu is one of the most popular supporters of Universitatea Craiova. On his web site is a large story dedicated to this legendary football team.

"The Truth About Craiova Maxima And About Ilie Balaci

I'd like to commit an autodenunce. In 1951 when I was working in the international section of "Scânteia Tineretului" I liked a young writer who made smart and interesting columns. Later he was employed at this jurnal and he became the main carrier of the current "the entire truth in literature". His name Radu Cosasu. One of the last days, this man wrote in "Gazeta Sporturilor" about glorious days of Universitatea Craiova, about the time when Balaci, Stefanescu, Beldeanu and the others made a team who was admired in Oltenia and even in the entire Romania. Nourdays there are more fans of Universitatea Craiova who are hopping this team to come back at its former dimenssion. There are other times now. Universitatea Craiova is only a brand of the team in the past. Its players are not students anymore and the club is in the property of a boss or another. Few years ago another boss left this team carring with him 14 football players, some of them being here before that ex-boss bought this team. Even he founded this team in the first league that man wanted to have even the place of this team in the first Romanian football league. To found another football team with a different name and a different place to play its games. Last year the same person bought the most important 5 players from Universitatea Craiova. This time the boss of Universitatea Craiova was somebody else who dissolved this team few days before the end of "Divizia A". After 41 years of continous presence on the first league, this team arrived in "Divizia B". If was not a passionate and romantic fan who buy another players, this team had not football players to participate even in the second league. I'd like to remaind I have the main guilt for changing of the structure of "Divizia A" from 16 to 18 football teams.

I was one who appreciated and even loved Ilie Balaci. A fighter with very much talent and an impresive technique. He was as good as Nicoale Dobrin but he did both phases of the game, offensive and defensive, being in the same time a master of tackle and having a goor resistance in the body to body duels. There exists a theory who says that not only Steaua Bucharest and Dinamo Bucharest were helped by Nicolae Ceausescu and The Communist Party but also Universitatea Craiova was helped by Adrian Paunescu and Stefan Andrei. Well, there are two different components which can not be equal. Those two teams from Bucharest gathered the most important Romanian football players using political reasons of high level, they made presions on the refferes, they made up some games, they had satellite teams in the same league, they received easy penalty kicks and/or unjustified expulsion of the players from opponent teams. Either I or Stefan Andrei did not such things. It is a truth the fact that I was the man who said to Constantin Teasca to use Costica Stefanescu as libero. It is also true the fact that I wanted to bring Helmut Duckadam (from Steaua Bucharest) to defend the goal of Universitatea Craiova in exchange with Rodion Camataru. Because Silviu Lung was a goalkeper who made some mistakes and Camataru wanted to go from this team. In the end, Camataru arrived at Dinamo Bucharest, in his transfer were involved Cataneanu(ex president of the club), Nicolae(ex president of the football team) and Mircea Radulescu(ex trainer of the team). In mean time, Silviu Lung made an excelent game against Girondins in Bordeaux, France and we kept him.

Ilie Balaci said that I had not the power to help Universitatea Craiova because I did not obtained his passport to go in West Germany to be surgically cured for his medical problem with the knee. I personally spoken with Wolfgang Mischnick, the chef of Deomocrate-Liberal Party form West German Bundestag to obtain this permission for free. It was established even the data of partence and Mischnick made all the arrangements there. In mean time I was gone abroad and when I came back I found out that "Securitatea" did not allowed Ilie Balaci to leave Romania. Maybe on the time when Ilie Balaci played for Dinamo nobody told him why they did not allow him to be cured in West Germany.

At a dinner given in 1983 by the West German president Weiszacker, in the honour of Nicolae Ceausescu, who was there in official business trip, Mischnick asked me what is the situation of Universitatea Craiova and if that player was cured. Elena Ceausescu said then: "Look Nicolae, even in Germany they know that Andrei Serban is Universitatea Craiova's fan!". At this event were also Vasile Pungan and Ion Rambu,Romanian consul in Germany at that time."

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