Thursday, April 20, 2006

Petre Deselnicu

Birth date: September 23rd 1946, Mofleni-Dolj
1962: First time he played for Universitatea Craiova
1964: played for Tractorul Brasov
1965: played for Metrom Brasov
1965-1976: played for Universitatea Craiova as a central defender
1972: European Universitary Football Champion
1974: Champion Of Romania
1975: Cup Of Romania finalist
1976: played for Electroputere Craiova
1977-1978: played for FCM Galati
Games played in "Divizia A": 246
Goals scored in "Divizia A": 12
Games played in European Cups: 9
Colege: graduate of Electrothechnical University from Craiova
1990-1991: vice-president of Universitatea Craiova - Champion Of Romania, Cup Of Romania winner
Honour citizen of Craiova city.

Hundreds of people were at the Petre Deselnicu funerals. Betweem them where Mihail Marian (FRF), Gheorghe Nedelescu, Adrian Ionescu (both LPF), Paul Cazan (Rapid Bucharest), V. Ilinca (FC Arges), Florin Halagian (trainer), George Ilinca (ex Universitatea Craiova president), Jean Nitulescu (ex Universitatea Craiova vice president), Nicolae Zamfir ("Gheorghe Popescu" Football School), Emil Sandoi (Pandurii Tg Jiu trainer), Deliu, Buldur, Papuc, Iulica Popa (ex Stiinta Craiova football players), Oprea, Niculescu, Badin, Velea, Negrila, N. Ivan, Balaci, I. Constantinescu, C. Stefanescu, Balan, Taralunga, Marcu (Romania Champions in 1973/1974 with Universitatea Craiova), Tilihoi, Ungureanu, Beldeanu, Geolgau, Donose, Crisan, Camataru, Ad. Popescu, Ciupitu, Fl. Cioroianu (Romania Champions with Universitatea Craiova in 1979/1980 and 1980/1981), Badea, Cristescu, Neagoe (Romania Champions with Universitatea Craiova in 1990/1991), Lutu, Banica (ex Universitatea Craiova football players).

Ilie Balaci: "A last word about Petre Deselnicu? It is hard to find my words, I don't know if I can say the last word for breaking up with... Petre Deselnicu. He was one of the men who touched my life. When I was 16 years old I was called to play at Universitatea Craiova, Petre Deselnicu was one of the few who received me with open arms in this football team."

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