Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Minister Of Defense

A great Romanian journalist, Ioan Chirila, wrote about Costica Stefanescu: "When you look at him he leave the image he forgot his diplomatica bag on a conference table at Geneva or Stockholm. He speaks few and this in the years since he is the captain of Universitatea Craiova or Romanian National Team. His words are very well thought. In front of him all the jokes are getting more sober. Even Sorin Cartu obbeys to these rulles. Sometimes he is leaving the impresion he is the chef of shock brigade which fights for assuring the protection in a flood affected zone".

Costica Stefanescu was for a decade the captain of Craiova Maxima, he debuted in Romanian National Team at 26 years old, but he was the captain of it in 44 games.

His ellegance, the anticipation sense, his technique and his very good long pass made him to be a great defensor. I the football dictionaries, at the word libero, it should be put his name: Stefanescu.

He confesed sometimes the fact that he took the place of libero because of a sugestion given by Adrian Paunescu, a Romanian lyric writer, to the trainer of Universitatea Craiova named Constantin Teasca. "At a friendly game played at the end of a summer camp, ojn Fagaras Mountains, Adrian Paunescu was the person who gave the idea, to Titi Teasca, for using me as a libero. It was probably a poetical inspiration."

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