Monday, April 17, 2006

Zoltan Crisan

When somebody says this name you can not think elsewhere than Universitatea Craiova which arrived in 1982-1983 in the U.E.F.A. Cup semifinals. This was a premiere for Romanian football. This performance is very important because this team wonn games against European elite football teams like A.C. Fiorentina, Girondins Bordeaux, 1.F.C. Kaiserslautern and it was at 45 minutes distance by the final (0-0 and 1-1 with Benfica Lisboa).

Regarding the activity of Zoltan Crisan as a football player we can mention some important notes.
Birth date: May 3rd 1955
1969: first time official incorporated in a football team, F.C. Baia Mare (Dvizia B)
August 1st 1974: his debut in "Divizia A" at Universitatea Craiova in a game "U" Cluj - Universitatea Craiova 1-1
1977: Cup Of Romania winner
1978: Cup Of Romania winner
1980: Champion Of Romania
1981: Champion Of Romania, Cup Of Romania winner
1984: plays for F.C. Bihor Oradea
1985-1986: plays for FC Olt
1987: plays for Chimia Râmnicu-Valcea
Games played in Divizia A: 304
Goals scored in Divizia A: 50
Games played in European Cups: 30 (his debut game: Universitatea Craiova - Atvidaberg 2-1 in September 18th 1974)
Games played in Romanian National Football Team: 46 (his debut game: Israel Romania 0-1 in December 4th 1974)

There are 2 books written about him called "Irezistibila extrema" by Ilie Dobre - "Unresistable striker" and "Patimile lui Crisan" by Ion Jianu - "Crisan's sufferings".

He died when he was 48 years old, October 14th 2003, after a life full of passionand intense living. He was a bohemian kind of man, a good coleague and very generous person.


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