Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Rodion Camataru

Birth date: June 22nd 1958, Strehaia-Mehedinti
1970: first footbal game for Progresul Strehaia
1975-1986: played for Universitatea Craiova
1977: Cup Of Romania winner
1978: Cup Of Romania winner
1978: first game in Romanian National Football Team
1980: Champion Of Romania
1981: Champion Of Romania, Cup Of Romania winner
1983: Cup Of Romania winner
1984: played at Euro'84 France
Marketing and Management Faculty, at university Of Craiova - graduate
1986-1988: played at Dinamo Bucharest
1987: best Romanian scorer with 44 goals for one season
1987: France Football Golden Shoe winner
1988-1991: played at Sporting Charleroi (Belgium)
1991-1993: played at Heerenven (Netherlands)
Games played in "Divizia A": 378 / 198 goals scored
Games played for Romanian National Team: 75 / 22 goals scored
1994-1996: president of Universitatea Craiova
1996-2003: FIFA football players procurator
2004: sports director at Universitatea Craiva
2004-2006: FIFA football players procurator
"I don't care what's happening now at Universitatea Craiova. This is a business of other people, they should manage it. I have not take any money from Universitatea Craiova in the first year when I was president of this football club. In the second year I get a small amount of money from there. There were some situations when I brought my money to help this club", said Rodion Camataru.

Asked if there is something he regretes, Camataru said: "I'm sorry I did not play at least few minutes in Italia at Wolrd Cup in 1990. There were other interests in middle. They should sell younger players abroad, not Rodion Camataru". Camataru is the second most valuable scorer from Romania in all times. In the official statistics he has 198 scored goals. Thje only one who scoerd more goals than him is Dudu Georgescu who scored 252 goals. "The difference was made by the fac that Dudu played in Romania all the time. I letf this country in 1989 and I played after this 4 more years. If I stayed in Romania maybe I scored more goals than Dudu Georgescu" said ex Craiova's forward. About Craiova from the '80s Camataru said: "thoses succeses were possible because we were playing in the same formula about 5 years. Nothing happend after a only one night. It is true the fact it was an exception generation, but there were trainers who worked hard to make it perfect. Begining with Constantin Teasca, the man who attached us small bags with sand rounded waist durring our training sessions. He used to spy us at the windows using a crane, to be sure we are sleapping in the rooms of the hotel. Valentin Stanescu was also a very good trainer. He made us Champions of Romania and he helped us very much to beat Leeds United in England and in Romania, too".
About the semifinal of UEFA Cup against Benfica Lisboa: "Benfica defeated us and you have my word thy were the most accesible team. Fiorentina, Bordeaux or Kaiserslautern were stronger than them. As a bonus, we were after a game finished with 0-0 in Portugal. But the game from Craiova was played in special conditions.
4 days before the game agains Benfica we played in Romanian National Team against Italy at Bucharest (250 Km distance from Craiova) in the preliminaries for Euro'84 France. 5 players from Craiova played from the first minute of the game and Cartu entered in the second time. We had a very old bus. When we came to Craiova from Bucharest our bus defected. Instead of remain in Bucharest we returned in Craiova. We lost tooo much time on the road. Second day we had a day off. So we lost the connection with that great game against Benfica Lisboa. Before the game we stayed at "Hotel Parc" a central building in Craiova where it was a general crazyness. Our relatives, our teachers from University and our colleagues came there to ask for autographs, to beg us for a ticket to the game or simply to wish us good luck. The game was cursed, I missed a shot, Crisan hit the cross bar... in the next years the falling came. Nobody was interested to find young players who continue what we did. Our ex president, Corneliu Stroe used to say the football players who want to play for Universitatea Craiova need to pay the club to permit them to play here".
In June 1993, at his last match for Heerenven, Camataru received a bus and gifts which full filled a 2 tones truck. Just for that day the stadium of Heerenven was called "Camataru". The mayor of the city keept a speach and Rodion Camataru received the title of citizen of honour.
Nourdays he own a company of football players procuring named "Soccer Consulting". "If I could turn back the time I'd like to be the procurator of that great team of Universitatea Craiova from the '80's... But that generation was unique".

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