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Cristi Minculescu - Iris

1984: Iris
1987: Iris II
1988: Iris III - Nu te opri!
1990: Iris IV
1993: Iris 1993
1993: Best of Iris
1996: Lună plină
1997: Iris - 20 de ani
1998: Mirage
1999: Casino
1999: Iris 2000
2000: De vei pleca
2000: Athenaeum (live) - Vol. 1
2000: Athenaeum (live) - Vol. 2
2002: Da, da, eu ştiu!
2002: Mătase albă
2003: 4Motion
2005: Maxima

Band biography:
The hard rock band called Iris was formed in 1977 in Bucharest. The band members were: Nelu Dumitrescu - drums, Nuţu Olteanu - guitar, voice and Emil Lechinţeanu - bass

Cristi Minculescu (voice), firstly the frontmen of the band "Harap Alb" (between 1979 - 1980), joined Iris in 1980.

In 1980, Nuţu Olteanu and Nelu Dumitrescu left the band for 'Roşu şi Negru'. New mebers joined Iris: Clement Iordănescu, Sorin Chifiriuc, Anton Haseas, and then Adrian Ilie, the composer of the songs: 'Valuri', 'Pămîntul îl cuprind', 'Călătorul', 'Speranţa', 'Cine mă strigă în noapte', which became great hits of this legendary band.

In 1982 Nuţu Olteanu and Nelu Dumitrescu came back being the colleagues of Cristi Minculescu (voice) and Marti Popescu (bass). Adrian Ilie was replaced by Florin Ochescu (guitar). In the same year Ilie and Minculescu made a new group called "Voltaj". In 1984 Minculescu joined 'Cenaclul Flacăra', a caravan show which traveled along Romania, becoming a part of the band "Totuşi", formed by Andrei Păunescu and Ioana Păunescu.

Between 1982 and 1985 the voice of Iris was Dan Bitman. In 1985 Cristi Minculescu came back into this band and Dan Bitman and Marti Popescu made a new band called "Holograf". In february 1985 the band was composed from: Nuţu Olteanu, Nelu Dumitrescu, Doru Borobeică, Cristi Minculescu, Bogdan Stănescu.

In 1986, Olteanu joined Marti popescu in Holograf. He was replaced by Valter Popa, helped by Mihai Alexandru and then by Dan Alex. Sîrbu.

In 1990 Iris made a performace at Agrigento festival (an Italian tour also). In 1993 they represent Romania at "Rock à l'Est" Cannes Festival, and with this ocassion they are shown on MTV for a 65 seconds reportage. In the same year they were the opening band of "Nazareth" concert in Bucharest. This band participated also at a tour called "Marlboro Music" toghether with "Holograf" and "Compact".

Iris 2002 was: Cristi Minculescu - voice; Nelu Dumitrescu - drums; Boro (Doru Borobeică) - bass; Valter Popa - guitars

In 2003 a book called "Iris - Spectacolul abia începe" appeared in the book shops from Romania. This book was launched in the MUZZAK collection. Its writter was Miron Ghiu Caia. In this collection also were books dedicated to great artists like Ozzy Osbourne, The Beatles or Marilyn Manson.
Cristi Minculescu: "the book written by Miron Ghiu Caia, will sprise a part of the Iris activity. Our fans will not find sensational news about us, or things they doesn't know until now. That is because we didn't hide them ever. We allways were open to them, there are not hidden things and never will be".

Cristi Minculescu is one of the most important fans of Universitatea Craiova and he allways shown his passion for this footbal team. The last CD of IRIs was called MAXIMA. This is the same name like the nick name of Universitatea Craiova when this band had its best performaces ever.

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