Saturday, May 27, 2006

Sezione Ultra'

This is one of the most important fan groups of our team. Sure it is the most known and this is also because of its number of members. Sezione Ultra' was founded in 1998 and was initially the name of the whole group of fans of Universitatea Craiova. Its first founders were Ionut Chelu and Ionut Coanda (aka Charlie). In that time the trainer of Universitatea Craiova was Ilie Balaci, a legendary name for this team. Unfortunately Ilie Balaci have given up to lead Universitatea Craiova and in the same time Ionut Chelu made the same thing as a solidarity gesture with him.

Sezione Ultra' resisted in time and Charlie became its leader.
In the year 2000 this group of fans was reorganised as an ultras group, following the model of Italian ultras groups, and Corny came to lead it toghether with Charlie. In mean time another fan organizations were formed, and Sezione Ultra' took the role of leader group in the South side of "Ion Oblemenco" Stadium called "Peluza Sud". Other important fan groups were: FREAK BOYS,BLUE LIONS or TESTE MATTE.
In the year 2001 Sezione Ultra' had an important role for the chaseing of Gigi Netoiu (the former boss of Universitatea Craiova). The unity of this group was the key point and the target of this group was finally touched when this character full of shame left Craiova for good.
Today Sezione Ultra has an important number of members and it is a mature ultras group which independetly exists and has an important support for our team.
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