Friday, May 19, 2006

Back In The First League

Today, Universitatea Craiova played against FC Sibiu a game which will be written in its history. By this victory with 2-0, goals scored by Ovidiu Stanga and Tersinio Gane, Universitatea Craiova is now in the first league of Romanian football. Only one year of nightmare for its fans passed and this team of legend is now back into the lights of Romanian football.

You can see a video from this game right below:

Madalin Ciuca, the captain of Universitatea Craiova is carried on arms at the final of the game against FC Sibiu. Now, Universitatea Craiova is back in "Divizia A".

Universitatea Craiova - FC Sibiu 2-0 (1-0)
“Municipal” Stadium, Tg. Jiu
audience: 6.000
The goals were scored by: Stângă ’36, Gane ’80

Universitatea: M. Neagoe - Ciucă, Stoica, Mitchell - Dănănae, Stângă, Săceanu, Velcovici - Gârlă (’77 Stemat), Dina (’61 Gane) - Baird (’83 Piţurcă). Trainer: Ovidiu Stângă

FC Sibiu: Pârvu - Armenean (’70 Pop), Pistol, Visa, Buicaru - Mămăligă, Grădinar (’60 Cristea), Bărbat, Cosma - Coconete (’60 Codrin), Marcu.
Trainer: Adrian Văsâi

Referees: Robert Dumitru (Braşov) - Bogdan Hârlab (Braşov), Valentin Cristea (Călăraşi).
FRF Observer: Gheorghe Croitoru (Severin)


eugenman said...

Here we come again :) We've proven wrong everybody forecasting a gloomy future for Stiinta. There were voices even pretending that we're gonna be relegated in the 3rd League by the end of this season. Well folks, here we are, celebrating our most recent win, a quick comeback in the 1st League after just one season. It's all about endurance and skill, it's all about the true South strong and free. 'Cause we're survivors. Let's rekindle the white and blue spirit! United we stand in front of everybody that dares to challenge us. It's not just a wild guess, but let me tell you we're gonna kick some ass this season. I am looking forward to see Stiinta take on steaua and dinamo and prove we have lots of stamina, and last but not least - character. That makes us distinct of all the rest. Go Stiinta go!

Che Guevara said...

Universitatea Craiova made a young team begining with the year 2005. Their players proved such character and returned in the First Romanian Football League after only one year of Divizia B.