Friday, May 05, 2006

Corneliu Stroe

Birth date: July 2nd 1943, Diosti-Dolj
1961, 1962: Champion Of Romania at triatlon and pentatlon
1966: Physhical Culture Institue from Bucharest - graduate
1967-1996: IEFS University of Craiova - professor
1967-1996: vice-president of Universitatea Craiova
2002: president of Universitatea Craiova

"I was never disapointed because Benfica Lisboa stopped us in the road to the UEFA Cup final match. At the end of that game in the locker room all the players were upset. I went there and I said: I curse you, Universitatea Craiova, to be stoped every year in the semifinals of an European Cup", Corneliu Stroe.

Nourdays, this former boss of the great team of Universitatea Craiova told us: "Mircea Radulescu had the entire responsability for the broke up of Craiova Maxima. In 1984 when he was called as a trainer of this team he let very easy to go players like Balaci, Crisan, Tilihoi, Donose, Stefanescu, Camataru. I can not stopped these transfers because they were made with the Communist Party cheef, Gheorghe Stoica, approval. Radulescu and Stoica were very good friends. Radulescu was a soldier sent here by the occult forces from Bucharest, which wanted Universitatea Craiova to be demolished.

Because I did not wanted to approve the moving of Camataru at Dinamo Bucharest, that cheef of Communist Party sent "Securitatea"(Romanian ex political police) at my home. They acused me of financial fraude and of relations with foreigner citizens. Camataru left Craiova but in that time I was president of FC Olt. Mircea Lucescu took Balaci at Dinamo from FC Olt. Mircea Radulescu sent Ilie Balaci there after a very serious knee injury."

"Universitatea Craiova remains the most beautiful moment in my life. I wish it all the best and I hope this team will arrive again where I saw it once."

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