Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sorin Cartu

Birth date: November 12th 1955, Craiova
1965: begins to play football at Universitatea Craiova
1973-1974: played in the U21 team for Universitatea Craiova
1974-1976: played at Electroputere Craiova
1975: most valuable scorer from Romanian Second League
1976-1987: played for Universitatea Craiova
August 22nd 1976: first game for Universitatea Craiova ( 5-1 against Progresul Bucharest)
1977: Cup Of Romania winner
1978: Cup Of Romania winner
1979: first game for Romanian National Team
1980: Champion Of Romania
1981: Champion Of Romania, Cup Of Romania winner
1983: Cup Of Romania winner
Games played in European cups: /11
Marketing And Management Faculty of University from Craiova - graduate
1987: trainer of Electroputere Craiova (Second League)
1988-1992: trainer of Universitatea Craiova
1991: Champion Of Romania, Cup Of Romania winner
1993: trainer of Electroputere Craiova
1993-1995: trainer of Romania U21 team
1995: trainer of Rapid Bucharest
1995-1996: trainer of Universitatea Craiova
1997: trainer of Electroputere Craiova (Second League)
1997-1998: trainer of Veria (Grecia)
1999-2002: trainer of Extensiv Craiova (Second League)
2002-2003: trainer of Universitatea Craiova
2004: trainer of Otelul Galati
2005-2006: trainer of FC Arges.

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