Monday, June 27, 2011

Universitatea Craiova - Dinamo Bucharest 0-2

Not too much to say about this game. Dinamo Bucharest is our traditional rival team. This time we were not so happy after the end of the game. Craiova lost this game and made a serious step toward second football league. For the rest of remaining games in this season the trainers of our team are G. Bita and S. Lung, the same persons who stayed on the bench in 2004, when Universitatea Craiova went in the second division, too.

Our team: 21.S. Lung - 2.Busu, 5.D. Stoica, 7.Gugu, 18.Dananae - 9.M. Costea ('67 86.Buleica), 8.Ologu, 3.D. Lopes ('45 28.Gangioveanu), 30.Prepelita - 20.Subotic, 19.Stoianof ('78 Dina).

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