Monday, June 20, 2011

FC Vaslui - Universitatea Craiova 2-1

One of the latest chances for Universitatea Craiova to remain in Romanian First League was lost in this match. FC Vaslui had 1-0 in the start of the game thanks to an own goal of Dorel Stoica. Subotic ('40) scored for 1-1 just before half time. Craiova tried to resist to the end but in 2 minutes before the final FC Vaslui scored for 2-1 and let Craiova go home without any point in this game.

Our team: 21.S. Lung - 18.Dananae, 4.Zoro, 3.D.Lopes, 2.Busu - 86.Buleica, 30.Prepelita ('83 8.Ologu), 5.D. Stoica, 88.J.Nicolae - 20.Subotic ('71 25.Firtulescu), 19.Stoianof ('46 28.Gangioveanu)

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