Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gloria Bistrita - Universitatea Craiova 1-1

This was a very important game. Craiova needed a victory to remain in Romanian first football league. Unfortunately the result was a draw. Bistrita scored in 35th minute of the game and Craiova tried hard to comeback in the game. All that Stiinta did was a goal in the 68th minute scored by Dorel Stoica. This means, Craiova will play in the second division next season. What a disappointment!

Our team: 21.S. Lung - 18.Dananae, 4.Zoro, 7.Gugu ('84 92.M. Roman), 2.Busu - 30.Prepelita, 5.D. Stoica, 8.Ologu ('76 88.J. Nicolae) - 9.M. Costea, 19.Stoianof ('32 86.Buleica), 20.Subotic

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