Sunday, August 01, 2010

Steaua Bucharest - Universitatea Craiova 2-1

Universitatea Craiova played another game against a team from Bucharest. Always it happens like this. This scenario comes again and over again in front of our eyes. Craiova plays really good football and the other team is just waiting for the referee to change the result of the game. This is not a mistake. This happens at every game our team is playing.
It was 0-0 until the break. The game was really nice until then. In the 51st minute of the game, Mihai Costea stroke a corner kick. This was a good assist for Valentin Iliev who scored with a strong head kick. In the 57th minute, Mihai Costea got the ball again. He made a good pass near Abrudan and scored for 2-0. With no reason, the referee canceled Craiova's goal. Everybody on the field got stoned. Why?
After all these Steaua scored twice and the game finished with the wanted result by the referee of the game. What can we do now? There were 2 games in this new season. In the first game the referee of the game did not want to give a penalty kick for Universitatea Craiova. In the second game, another referee canceled a perfect goal of the same team. Craiova has only 1 point in the table instead of 6 which normally could have.
Our team: 1.Lung - 18.Dănănae, 7.Găman, 4.Iliev, 6.Ciucă, 2.Bărboianu, 13.Dilevski ('81 27.Piturca), 30.Prepeliţă, 23.Gargorov ('78 77.Wobay), 9.Mihai Costea, 20.Dina ('70 19.Stoianof)

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