Sunday, August 22, 2010

Astra Ploiesti - Universitatea Craiova 2-2

Michael Stoichiţă and Aurel Ticeanu were looking for their first victory in stage fifth, when Craiova visited Astra Ploiesti. Two teams with a single purpose: the three points of victory. In spite of the desire and effort the game ended 2-2, and the fans of those two teams have to wait at least one week to see their dream come true.
With shy attacks and without horizon Astra and Craiova could not score until the first error of the opposite defense. That happened in the 30th minute of the game, when Nogo lost a ball in front of Piturca jr., and the striker did a simple formality scoring for 0-1. Ţicleanu and his band seemed to have taken control, but Silviu Lung jr. failed to catch Popara's free kick from 30 meters, and the score became 1-1 in the 37th minute of the game.
After the break, Astra attacked and get a penalty kick after a fault of Gaman against Fatai. Rohat scored for 2-1 in the 65th minute of the game. Ten minutes after, Madalin Ciuca scored with a head kick from 3 meters after a corner kick of Gangioveanu. Madalin Ciuca used to be Universitatea Craiova's captain until 2008. He was sold to Bistrita then but he came back this summer. Maybe this is a sign for a good future. Both teams tried to score in the last minutes of the game, but the scored did not change until the end of the match. 2-2 and the first point won away by Universitatea Craiova. 

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