Thursday, August 19, 2010

Universitatea Craiova - FC Timisoara 1-1

The championship has started only now for Universitatea Craiova. Ion Oblemenco stadium became again the meeting point of the Oltenians' emotions, pride and passion. Ilie Balaci, one of the most important football players of Craiova in the past, was assisting this game.
Ţicleanu kept his word after the humiliation from Buzau and proposed a surprising team for this game. Lopes and the young Roman were in the first eleven for the first time. The game has changed but not much. Craiova made e defending game, taking care especially for the movements of the opponent. Timisoara had not an elaborate construction, so they had some casual shots to the goal. Piturca ('21) and Prepelita ('44) made some good opportunities for Craiova and Alexa ('23) for Timisoara, but just for artistic impression.
Timisoara was about to go to cabins in advantage after a double occasion. First, Iliev was close to own goal, after rejecting a ball, then Scutaru had an exceptionally head shot but Lung was ready to defend the goal.
Seven minutes after the break, a normal clear phase made Cisovski and Luchin have given head in the head instead to reject the ball. Piturca took this opportunity and he scored from six meters. In the last minute of the extra time, Zicu scored for Timisoara and the game went for a draw result.
Our team: 21.Lung - 18.Dananae, 7.Gaman, 4.Iliev, 6.Ciuca - 13.Dilevski, 30.Prepelita, 92.Roman ('60 2.Barboianu), 3.Lopez - 27.Piturca ('76 19.Stoianof), 9.M.Costea ('89 25.Firtulescu)

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