Friday, August 27, 2010

The King Is Dead, Long Live The King!

Universitatea Craiova resigned Aurica Ticleanu's contract. The new Trainer of the team will be Victor Piturca. The former trainer of Romanian national football team, and of Steaua Bucharest signed for 3 years with Universitatea Craiova.
3 days of negotiation were necessary for Universitatea Craiova to make Victor Piturca sign this contract. It was the longest and the toughest process of getting a new trainer in this club's history.
After documets were made, a big fan's reaction spread all over Oltenia. It was an unprecedented wave of love among every single people in this region. The fans made for him welcome banners and for the first training session it was an audience of 2500 people who sang and encouraged Universitatea Craiova and its new trainer, Victor Piturca.
For the next game, Saturday 19:00 o'clock, local time, there are 30,000 viewers expected to be in the stadium. Until now, there are already 5,000 sold tickets and 2 more days until the match against Sportul Studentesc.

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