Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Steaua Bucharest - Universitatea Craiova 2-0

Steaua Bucharest did not made a good impression in the last match played in front of their own supporters, but they won after a bad game, in lack of technical achievements on both sides.
22:00 o'clock was a very inappropriate hour for a football game. Both football teams left the impression they are sleeping on the field. The same sensation had also the viewers of the game. The owners of the both teams, Gigi Becali from Steaua and Adrian Mititelu from Craiova get cursed by the fans and they received trivial invitations to leave the teams for someone else. Both galleries agreed with this point of view during this game.
About the match, but poor words as was the game. Fewer technical achievements. Pleşan two shots on goal in first half both saved by Lung jr. And, perhaps, mostmissed opportunity for Steaua in the first half by Surdu.
Craiova, while seated bravely on the ground, were timid in front of the goal. Mihai Costea was often as individualistic as his older brother. The only occasion was created by Steaua's defender Petre Marin, who in the 38th minute sent a soft pass to his goalkeeper, Firţulescu intercepted but he sent a weak shot near the goal of Tătăruşanu.
In the second half, Arman Karamyan, perhaps the best player of Steaua, openened the score in 70th minute of the game, after a pass from Surdu, who relapsed eight minutes later. Steaua said goodbye to their own supporters with a good result, but with a modest game. Craiova made a pale impression and they still need a victory in the next game to remain in the first Romanian football league.
Our team: Lung - Dănănae, V. Găman ('34 R. Barbu), Iliev, Bălace - Prepeliţă, Dilevski ('71 Gangioveanu), Bărboianu, Firţulescu - M. Costea, Dina ('82 Craciun)

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