Sunday, May 16, 2010

Universitatea Craiova - CFR Cluj 2-3

This was a very important game. Universitatea Craiova was trying to stay in the first league, while Cluj came to the Danube to keep a fragile advantage in the front of League I.
Craiova started euphoric the game and after a few unsuccessful attacks, in the 12th minute Prepelita created a superb action on the right side. He evaded of two opponents and sent a cross in the six meters square where Piturca defeated Nuno Claro by a heel strike. 1-0.
Just over nine minutes, Mihai Costea doubled the advantage with a powerful shot from a short corner from around 12 meters and fans remembered Craiova's victory from the previous season, 4-1 against CFR Cluj. Until the break, both teams have split scoring opportunities, but the score remained unchanged. In the 38th minute, Alcantara saw the red card after hitting Dina.

At the break CFR started to put constant pressure on the goal defended by Lung jr. Cluj efforts materialized in the 63rd minute when Traore has relaunched the game. CFR Cluj, although outnumbered, continued to attack. With five minutes before the end of regular time, Bud restored the equality. Misfortune struck again Universitatea Craiova. In the third extra minute, Iliev comited a foul against Traore in the box and the penalty kick was converted by the captain of CFR Cluj, Cadu. The Severin's stadium get down in silence.

University lost another game and its fans have a lot of reasons to be worried. They will seriously shake for the last two days remained to play in this season.
Our team: Lung - Dănănae, Găman, Iliev, Bălace - Prepeliţă, Bărboianu (Barbu ‘68), Dilevski (Gângioveanu ‘82), M. Costea - Dina (Firţulescu ‘63), Al. Piţurcă

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