Saturday, May 08, 2010

Ceahlaul Piatra-Neamt - Universitatea Craiova 2-1

The nightmare of all Oltenians has a name: Zoran Filipovici. So was 27 years ago when this Montenegrin football player was Benfica's striker and his goal stoped Universitatea Craiova from its road to the UEFA Cup's final act. 

Now, Zoran Filipovici is the coach of Ceahlaul Piatra-Neamt and he ruined the debut of Eugen Trica as Craiova's coach. Mark Wotte was replaced by Trica after some missunderstandings with the administrative stuff of Universitatea Craiova.
In the first half, the guests made Villadsen to think that he is a gret goalkeeper. Costea II ('23) and Dina ('33) remained alone with the Dane, but he blocked them. Although the visitors did not forgive him third time. Mihai Costea ('65) exploited Dina's intelligent pass and scored for 0-1.

When the cards seemed to be made, Filipovici fortunate sent Ibrahim in the field and this, after half minute scored for a draw after a Barcauan's perfect pass. Lung jr saved once again in front of Ibrahim but he had to give up in the last minute of the game, when Cebotaru scored for Ceahlaul's victory. Only one second earlier, Craciun was all alone in front of Villadsen but he could not beat the goalkeeper fron Piatra-Neamt.
"Football has changed enormously from 1983, when I have played against Universitatea. Craiova do not deserve the relegation, there are teams are much worse than them". Zoran Filipovic - Ceahlaul's coach
Ovidiu Dananae returned in the field after almost nine months from the serious knee injury he suffered in a friendly game played by Romania against Hungary. He was replaced in the 74th minute of this game.
Our team: Lung – Dănănae ('74 Firtulescu), V. Găman, Barbu, Bălace - Prepeliţă, Bărboianu, Dilevski, Gângioveanu - Dina ('89 Craciun), M. Costea ('71 A. Piturca)

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