Monday, June 14, 2010

World Cup 2010

On 11th of June started World Cup 2010. At the opening show there were numerous stars present. Between them, Shakira or Black Eyed Peas.
It is a really nice ediotion played in South Africa. The fans are great and the football played there is really good. These are the first results:
South Africa - Mexico 1-1
Uruguay - France 0-0
Argentina - Nigeria 1-0
Korea Republic - Greece 2-0
England - USA 1-1
Algeria - Slovenia 0-1
Germany - Australia 4-0
Serbia - Ghana 0-1
Here I present you a list of South African expressions:
vuvuzela = a horn used by fans to create a big noise during football games
bafana-bafana = the name of South Africa's national football team
bombela = a very fast train built in South Africa before this World Cup 2010. Its speed can 250 Km/hour.

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