Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Aurica Ticleanu - a new coach

Universitatea Craiova has a new coach for the season 2010/2011. His name is Aurica Ticleanu. This is a comeback after 15 years. Aurica Ticleanu used to play for Universitatea Craiova for at least 10 years. His football player career contains 2 Romanian Championship titles and 3 Romanian Cups, all gathered for Universitatea Craiova. This below is his trainer resumee:
1991-1992 UTA Arad
1992-1994 Oţelul Galaţi
1994 Universitatea Craiova
1997 Rocar Bucureşti
1998-1999 Maghreb Fez
1999 Astra Ploieşti (assistant coach)
2000 Oţelul Galaţi
2002 Bangladesh
2002 Maghreb Fez
2002-2003 Dinamo Tirana
2003 KS Lushnja
2004 Hassania Agadir
2006-2007 Al-Sahel
2007-2008 Al Jahra
2008-2009 Al-Shabab (U-19 coach)
2009-2010 Al-Sahel

Good luck for the new football season which is about to begin.

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