Sunday, April 04, 2010

Universitatea Craiova - FC Timisoara 1-2

Magera relaunched Timisoara in their race for the champion title through a goal scored in the last minute of the game.
The previous match convinced 20,000 viewers to choose the way to the stadium by three arguments stronger than choosing to celebrate Eastern at home: rithm, goal opportunities, goals!
In Drobeta Turnu-Severin the duel began in blue shades in the stadium and yellow and black colors on the field. In the first phase of Timisoara, Parks put a blanket over Craiova's defense and ideally served Goga. The striker scored in the empty goal, 0-1 ('7). Oltenian's attack deplored the lack of Florin Costea and the middle deplored the lack of the Prepelita. But the defense was Craiova's pride yesterday. V. Iliev scored for 1-1 with a great execution, by the heel! There were three main attributes of this goal: Wotte, because he showed to his pupils a great scheme, the excellent Firtulescu that centered from the left side, and the Bulgarian Iliev, captain of Universitatea Craiova for the first time in this game, who had a Brazilian execution. It was 1-1 at the break, although Piturca jr. tried with a head shot from the box to break the symmetry.
The guests remembered that they want to win this championship and they fought to get it. They increased the speed of the game. But Craiova had Merlier. The Belgian goalkeeper saved for Oltenia in front of Magera, left alone in the square at 10 meters, after a deflected shot of Alexa. At the last phase of the match, Sepsi centered in the square, Merlier could not keep that ball, and he deflected it to Magera. After his shoot, the score was 1-2 ('90+3).
Blue and white were greeted at Severin in a gala atmosphere. The match was sold out. They ran out of all the 18,500 tickets with two hours before the match. Fans stormed the gates of the arena two hours before the game, so the stadium was almost full 60 minutes before the start whistle. The two groups of supporters have respected each other, without incidents in the stadium. Timisoara had a gallery of about 300 fans. At the beginning of the match nearly 20,000 people started the uproar, the stadium was colored with thousands of blue and white flags.
Florin Costea has not been forgotten by the organizers. At first home match after his serious injury suffered in game against Politehnica Iasi, on the scoreboard were sequences with his best past actions. There were also posted messages of support for Florin. The supporters applauded his name for a long time.

Our team: Merlier - Bărboianu, Iliev, V. Găman ('67 R. Barbu), Bălace - Firţulescu ('68 Craciun), Ologu, Dilevski, Gângioveanu - Piţurcă ('85 Trica), M. Costea

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