Tuesday, April 20, 2010

FC Vaslui - Universitatea Craiova 0-1

After an excellent match in Romanian Cup against Brasov, Fortuna left Vaslui and turned her face to Craiova, a team struggling to stay in Liga I.
From the begining of the game in Vaslui hostilities was as clearly as possible: hosts in outposts, guests "in the box", hoping for a lucky strike back. Pavlovic had a head strike in the 19th minute but he missed, Lucian Sânmărtean tried also to beat Lung jr in 41st minute but he failed from 10 meters.
In front of a little disoriented and not so incisive team, Lacatus' players did not succeded to manage the first half of the game. In the 71st minute Piturca escaped from defenders of Vaslui marking and scored in the goal of Kuciak. Moldavian arena came in complete silence. Note that before this goal, Wotte wanted to change Piturca, but the referee Robert Dumitru did not allow the change. As expected, the hosts finished the game on the offensive, but they were stuck in front of Craiova's goal. Costly scored once, but from an offside position, and thus missed a good chance to bring his team on the second post in the table. Lung jr. that was redcarded in extra time for the second yellow card, but Universitatea Craiova's goal was succesfully defended by Mihai Dina who got the goalkeeper's gloves and T-shirt.

Craiova was supported by a single fan in Vaslui. At the end of the game, all the players celebrated this precious victory together with this unique supporter. Wotte's football players have plunged on the grass in front of him, and after they have climbed the fence and sang along with the only man who had a sit in the reserved for guests area.
Our team: Lung - Bărboianu, V. Găman, Iliev ('80 Buleica), Buşu - Prepeliţă, Barbu, Dilevski ('75 I. Popescu), Gângioveanu ('46 Firtulescu) - Dina, Piţurcă

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